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Back to School and More: August 2021

It was back to school in mid-August for Year 6, Nyan’s final year at his current school. Was he excited?

He actually was. He just has to vamp for the camera. 

What else did he get up to in August 2021? We did some taekwondo:

Random photos:

He programmed robots:

More random photos: 

 Check out the concentration while doing homework:

One last batch of photos:

And last but not least, a slo-mo front flip into the pool!

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Nyan and His Friends

We post a lot of pictures of Nyan and his friends. How about some more! 

Here he is with Jayden (and yes, there was a sleepover):

Walking home from school with Helena:

Hanging out with Nadia, including celebrating her birthday:

Video games with Haowie:

And finally: more Nadia – goofing and dancing.

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Celebrating Mommy’s Birthday in Style

Mommy had a birthday in August. She wanted to celebrate with afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel. So off we went!

As you know, we spent a couple nights at this gorgeous hotel back in June. It was just as nice in August.

Nyan posed with Mommy:

And we asked the waiter to take a few family photos:

Nyan helped Mommy blow out the candle:

And mostly Nyan was just…. Nyan. Happy birthday, Mommy!

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