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Nyan Thomas and the Holiday Spirit

It’s a few days past Christmas, we know, but we hope you’ll indulge us as we share a couple videos of our boy singing Christmas songs. Sort of.

Here he is, moments after being reminded that he needed to behave if he wanted Santa to bring him presents, busting into his rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town:

And here he is, singing a take of Jingle Bells that quickly devolves into… well, we’re not sure what. His own distracted version of Jingle Bells, I suppose.

Merry Christmas!

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Recent Photos

Daddy finally got a new camera a few weeks back and is having a lot of fun taking shots all around Singapore. And of course he’s also taking about a zillion photos of one Nyan Thomas. Here, then, is a smattering of recent photos from the last few weeks. Some from home, some from the Tanglin Mall food court, some from Changi Beach Park, some from Gardens by the Bay… you get the point. No theme to these other than a silly little boy. That’s theme enough for us.

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One of the enrichment classes that we put Nyan in at his Montessori school is a drama class. One day they were working on their animal movements (method acting, I suppose?) and Nyan decided he needed to stay in character when he got home. The character being a frog.

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Nyan Thomas Does the Elephant

(updated below) And the tiger, and the monkey. This is our boy at the end of a long, fun day at school, watching a short video with his pals. You can’t actually see the video but you can hear the song and you can see the kids play along and pretend to be various animals. And jump up and down. It’s pretty fun:

UPDATE: Long-time reader Grandma L. writes in to say that the music in this video comes from a group called The Wiggles. Thanks for the info!


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Christmas Cards

Our Christmas cards may be a little late in arriving this year. But for a pretty good reason, we think: Nyan wants to sign each and every one. Which is great. But he also has a little trouble focusing at times. Like here, where a simple card-signing quickly turns into a drawing exhibition. “I want to draw a wheel!”

Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.


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Nyan Thomas, Bus Driver

Among Nyan’s many skills is, it turns out, driving a double-decker bus! See, we were sitting up top of a bus, at the very front, with Grandma and Grandpa when Nyan decided he was driving the big machine. See for yourself:

Talented kid.


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Fun with Zuzu

Auntie Zuzu (aka Emerald) and Uncle Iain came to visit for a couple weeks, and Nyan was in heaven. (This was immediately after Grandma and Grandpa L. spent two weeks here, so he was in double heaven! Spoiled rotten, of course, though we’re happy to report he’s adjusted pretty well to not having extra people around who do nothing but dote on him.)

One night we were having dinner at the nearby outdoor burger joint. Nyan was bored and running around, and Zuzu happily entertained him while the rest of us ate. Here they are dancing:

And playing fire fighters. Apparently there were a ton of fires that needed putting out. Good thing Nyan and Emerald were on the case!



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Video of the Day: Rainy Season

It’s the rainy season here in Singapore. For instance, it was pouring when we woke up this morning and kept pouring until about noon. (Did Daddy and Nyan get soaked on the quick walk to school, despite an umbrella? They did.)

We always try to be prepared, so a few days ago, when Daddy was on his way to pick up Nyan at the end of the school day, he noticed the sky looked rather threatening with rain. So he grabbed Nyan’s umbrella, just in case.

When he got to school, Nyan and his friends – including Kyle, Adriana, Ling Ling, Nathaniel and Kyra – ran up to Daddy and excitedly pulled the umbrella out of his hands. And then they… well, just look:

Silly kids. For the record, we did not need the umbrella on our way home, either.

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Nyan Thomas, Masseur

In which Nyan gives Grandpa a relaxing back rub. What a caring young man!

(Until he gets bored and starts asking questions about the clock. But hey.)

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Photo of the Day: Fingers

“These are my scary fingers,” said our hero. As he shoved penne noodles onto his fingers.


He ate them eventually.

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