Video of the Day: Rainy Season

04 Dec

It’s the rainy season here in Singapore. For instance, it was pouring when we woke up this morning and kept pouring until about noon. (Did Daddy and Nyan get soaked on the quick walk to school, despite an umbrella? They did.)

We always try to be prepared, so a few days ago, when Daddy was on his way to pick up Nyan at the end of the school day, he noticed the sky looked rather threatening with rain. So he grabbed Nyan’s umbrella, just in case.

When he got to school, Nyan and his friends – including Kyle, Adriana, Ling Ling, Nathaniel and Kyra – ran up to Daddy and excitedly pulled the umbrella out of his hands. And then they… well, just look:

Silly kids. For the record, we did not need the umbrella on our way home, either.

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