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Lots of Good Times in January 2020

Some random moments from the month of January 2020. Starting with waiting for the school bus in the morning with Helena and little Izzy:

Other random photos:

A pillow fight/dance-off with Mommy:  

More photos:

Goofing and dancing with Jayden:

Even more photos:

The young prince luxuriating as his staff (a.k.a. mommy) blow-dries his hair before bed.

Finally, yet still more photos to play us out:

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An Afternoon at Haw Par Villa 

Out in the western part of Singapore is a place called Haw Par Villa. They call it a theme park but it’s more like… a bunch of bizarre statues. Here’s what Wikipedia says about it:

“The park contains over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends, history, and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism.”

It was built by a couple of Burmese businessmen who had made a fortune by developing Tiger Balm,  and who wanted to do something with their fortune in their adopted home of Singapore. Since Mommy and Phwa Phwa are of course Burmese — and Nyan is half Burmese — it seemed a great place for a visit. So with a few other local Burmese women, off they went one Sunday afternoon. 

There were plenty of group photos:

But mostly it was Nyan running around, being wowed by the exhibits, and being goofy with some of them. 

There was also a sort of wrestling ring, which Nyan put to good use.

A bizarre but cool place! 

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Visiting Changi Jewel with Phwa Phwa

Changi Jewel — the fairly new and very fancy shopping mall attached to the airport, and the place with the gigantic indoor waterfall — wasn’t open the last time Phwa Phwa had visited us, so one evening during her visit in January we headed there for a walk around.


We came across a kiddie barbershop there, and since Nyan needed a trim, we got him one.

And we posed for a bunch of family pics. Nyan of course had to mug for the camera.

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Sports Update

A quick look at some of Nyan’s sports activity in the month of January 2020. Here he is, enjoying a mid-winter swim:


And some taekwondo:


Some soccer, including some dance moves:

And this doesn’t really count as taekwondo, but at the end of his lesson, he likes to burn off some steam by running and jumping. He’s started to get his classmates to do it too.

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Jungle Hike with Phwa Phwa

Phwa Phwa — Nyan’s grandma — came to visit in late December, and on New Year’s Day, we headed off on  a jungle hike. It was a very civilized hike: we followed a carefully maintained metal boardwalk high up into the canopy and through the jungle, ending up at a place called Henderson Waves Bridge, this fancy pedestrian bridge that spans a canyon in the jungle below.

A few pics from the walk:

At one point there was a little paved area with these fun exercise machines. We had to imbibe, of course.

Here we are taking various family photos at the Henderson Waves Bridge.

We close with a few scenic shots from various points along the way. 

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