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A Picnic, of Sorts

Nyan Thomas loves a good picnic. Even if it’s just on the kitchen floor. And even if the food is fake:


Of course, when it comes to real food, he’d often rather play and sing than actually eat:



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We had a big family dinner at a local restaurant this evening – Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles Scott and Mike, Aunts Maggie and Sarah, and cousins Mia and Kennedy. Oh, plus Nyan and Daddy of course.

After some good food, the cousins were running around the joint, dancing to the music, and generally being kids. Here’s Nyan showing off his dance moves, while little Kennedy (who’s a bit over a year old) tries to give him a cuddle. Poor Kennedy though; Nyan was only interested in dancing.


And here’s Nyan with Mia. “Make silly faces!” was Mia’s command.

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Nyan Thomas Rides a Horse

The other day, Mommy and Nyan were shopping on the High Street when Nyan decided he wanted to ride the toy horse outside one of the stores. Mommy didn’t have any money to make it actually go, but that was no obstacle to our hero.

Note how he’s putting “coins” in the slot himself. And feeling the horse an “apple.” And also giving the evil eye to the little girl (off camera) who wanted to ride the horse herself. Sorry, girl, Nyan seems to say – I was here first.


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So Long, London

So we’ve left London. Nyan and Daddy are having a sojourn in the US for a couple weeks before they join Mommy on the other side of the globe to start their latest adventure. First, though, we had to get out of London, and most importantly, we had to say farewell to our friends – especially Nyan’s friends. So a week or so ago, we threw a party at a nearby pub. A lot of his friends from school showed up. Here’s our boy with a few of them. Don’t worry, all the grumpy faces were just toddlers putting on a show for the camera:

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The party included plenty of food and toys and, yes, chocolate – so by late afternoon, all those kids had a lot of energy to burn off. Which they did by running around the back garden at the pub, including up and down the wheelchair ramp (the one with a sign that says, explicitly, that it’s not to be used for children to play on. Oops). Several videos from that, including lots of running and screaming:

Nyan Thomas, going against the grain:


And here he is giving cuddles (and vamping for the camera) to one of his besties, Adam:


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Farewell to Little Bear’s

In August 2012, soon after we moved to London, Nyan started spending his days at Little Bear’s Nursery. (That’s daycare, for you U.S. readers.) We love the place – all of his carers look after him like he’s their own boy; they work with him on walking, talking, learning, dinosaur names, you name it. And he’s made a ton of friends among the children he spends most of his days with.

That all comes to an end today: his last day at Little Bear’s. It’s bittersweet: we’re off on a great new adventure, but we’ll miss the workers, parents and kids at the nursery. And Nyan will surely miss all of them as well.

To commemorate the departure, here’s Nyan with one of his carers, Sophie, first in August 2012, before he could walk or even talk, and again this past weekend:

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And here is with four more of his carers – Aisha, Raisah, Almas and Nilofer:


So long, Little Bear’s!


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A Day at the Park, and the Mall

Uncle Jeff came to visit a couple weeks ago, the same time that the former site of the 2012 Summer Olympics was formally opening as a public park. It was a cloudy, windy day, but Jeff and Daddy took Nyan out for a day of fun.

Here we are at the tube station:

At the park itself, Nyan ran around in the grassy fields, strolled along the banks of the River Lea, oohed and aahed at the tractors and trucks he saw, and oh yes: climbed to the top of the Helter Skelter with Jeff and took a ride down. Here they are, about to head up:

And some action shots of them coming down. Nyan doesn’t exactly look thrilled, but he was all smiles as soon as they came to a rest:

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All that fun helped us build up a good appetite, so we retreated to the nearby Westfield shopping mall – a huge place that happens to feature a microbrewery that Jeff wanted to check out. We got a couple of drinks and relaxed on some couches while we waited for our pizza to arrive. This is Nyan, waiting:

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He also waved at people walking by outside:


Finally, pizza:

Then it was time to head home. While Nyan insisted he wasn’t tired, his expression on the train ride home tell a different story, I’d say.

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Flashback: Nyan Thomas, Two Years Ago

While going through our things as we pack for a move, we found an old camera with a bunch of photos of Nyan – including some that, we’re pretty sure, have never before seen the light of day.

Speaking of moves, I’m somewhat certain that these were taken by Mommy as we were leaving Brooklyn, as she and Nyan got in the taxi to head to the airport to fly to Iowa. (later that day, Daddy would start driving from New York to Iowa, arriving the next day; the day after that, Mommy would fly to London for two weeks, then back to the US, then all three of us would fly to London in mid-June. Yes we live a rather complicated life at times.)

Without further ado: our boy on May 31, 2012 – age 10 months.

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Nyan Thomas Explains It All

A quick video in which our hero explains how a tractor works. In his own language, and using his own rules of engineering. Smart kid, in his way.

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A Beautiful Spring Day

Not much to this post, just some photos from the walk home from school the other day. Absolutely lovely outside (if a tad cool), with bright early-evening sunshine. Here’s the church near our house, and Nyan pointing at the church, and Nyan mugging for the camera.

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Sunday Morning Music

It was a musical Sunday morning at Nyan Thomas World Headquarters, with Bowie playing on the radio and a visiting Uncle Jeff fashioning a microphone out of aluminum foil. Did Nyan enjoy it? He did. Especially since the song playing was all about one of Nyan’s current interests: space.


And here the boy spends about four straight minutes running around in circles, intentionally making himself dizzy. Silly boy:

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