Farewell to Little Bear’s

17 Apr

In August 2012, soon after we moved to London, Nyan started spending his days at Little Bear’s Nursery. (That’s daycare, for you U.S. readers.) We love the place – all of his carers look after him like he’s their own boy; they work with him on walking, talking, learning, dinosaur names, you name it. And he’s made a ton of friends among the children he spends most of his days with.

That all comes to an end today: his last day at Little Bear’s. It’s bittersweet: we’re off on a great new adventure, but we’ll miss the workers, parents and kids at the nursery. And Nyan will surely miss all of them as well.

To commemorate the departure, here’s Nyan with one of his carers, Sophie, first in August 2012, before he could walk or even talk, and again this past weekend:

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And here is with four more of his carers – Aisha, Raisah, Almas and Nilofer:


So long, Little Bear’s!


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