A Day at the Park, and the Mall

16 Apr

Uncle Jeff came to visit a couple weeks ago, the same time that the former site of the 2012 Summer Olympics was formally opening as a public park. It was a cloudy, windy day, but Jeff and Daddy took Nyan out for a day of fun.

Here we are at the tube station:

At the park itself, Nyan ran around in the grassy fields, strolled along the banks of the River Lea, oohed and aahed at the tractors and trucks he saw, and oh yes: climbed to the top of the Helter Skelter with Jeff and took a ride down. Here they are, about to head up:

And some action shots of them coming down. Nyan doesn’t exactly look thrilled, but he was all smiles as soon as they came to a rest:

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All that fun helped us build up a good appetite, so we retreated to the nearby Westfield shopping mall – a huge place that happens to feature a microbrewery that Jeff wanted to check out. We got a couple of drinks and relaxed on some couches while we waited for our pizza to arrive. This is Nyan, waiting:

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He also waved at people walking by outside:


Finally, pizza:

Then it was time to head home. While Nyan insisted he wasn’t tired, his expression on the train ride home tell a different story, I’d say.

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