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Nyan Thomas and Cousin Mia (pics and video)

Our boy totally adores his cousin Mia, who is five years older than him and who lives in Iowa. They don’t get to see each other too often, sadly, but when they get together, he follows her around non-stop and whatever she does, he does. We try to use this to our advantage – for instance, if Nyan isn’t eating his veggies (or anything at all), we ask Mia to take a bite. She’s happy to comply, and when Nyan sees her chowing down on a piece of broccoli, for instance, he does the same.

They have a lot of fun together regardless. They both love to read:

And there’s always lots of hugs and kisses and giggling: Read the rest of this entry »

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Fun Times with Uncle Jeff

Earlier this month, Uncle* Jeff came through London on business and stayed with us a few nights. Nyan hung out with Jeff and Aunt Michelle in June, and never forgot the red double-decker bus that they bought for him. So he was very happy to see Jeff, to say the least.

(*Technically not his uncle – Jeff is Daddy’s cousin which makes him, what, a second cousin or something. But Uncle is easier.)

There were lots of hugs, shoulder rides, book-reading and general fun.

On Sunday morning, we headed to the Docklands neighborhood of London, where they’ve set up a free exhibit showing new technologies that will make cities more liveable in the future, or something like that. Lots of things for Nyan to play around with and explore: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Year That Was (in video)

It’s the end of 2013, of course, so it’s time to take a quick look back at, yes, the year that was. Remember this time last year? The little man had just started to take his tentative first steps and he was hardly speaking a word… and now: We can’t keep up with our boy, in word or in steps. It’s fair to say it was a very active and eventful year.

With that in mind, we’ve grabbed a video from each of the past 12 months and share them here. Enjoy this look back at Nyan Thomas in 2013!

January: Starting to walk. And falling down.

February: Getting better at the whole walking thing. Dancing too!
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“I fly in a airplane! In the sky!”

So sayeth young Nyan Thomas earlier this month as he jetted from London, to Chicago, to Iowa City, and back again. He’s always been a great flyer – he’s been airborne since he was about four months old – and even as he has become more alert, and more of a handful in some ways, he’s still pretty much a pure pleasure to travel with.

Here’s the lad on our flight from London to Chicago, including a nice long nap.

We had a somewhat lengthy layover in Chicago; our hero passed the time by running around, chatting up strangers, offering grapes to fellow passengers, etc. Standard stuff. Here:

Near the end of that video, when Nyan says ‘I look at bike, Daddy,’ he’s referring to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle we had earlier come across – a chopper that was inexplicably just sitting there in the terminal. Nyan was oohing and ahh-ing over it, and some dude standing there said ‘Go ahead, he can get on it!’ So up Nyan went. Then the dude, who I had thought was somehow in charge of the bike, walked off. Oh well. Nyan had a blast:

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Photo Shoot, 2013 Edition

Last December, while we were in Iowa for Christmas, we took Nyan to a local photo studio for some shots. They came out quite well (you can see them in this post from this time last year). Earlier this month, we had a somewhat unexpected, quite last-minute trip to Iowa and managed to squeeze in another shoot at the same studio.

It didn’t go quite as well. Why? Because we have a two-and-a-half-year-old, basically.

Here’s one decent shot:


And there were a few more. Read on… Read the rest of this entry »

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Merry Christmas from Nyan Thomas!

Nyan got a special early visit from Santa Claus himself the other day. Some photos:

Video evidence that Santa does indeed exist:

Here’s more, with Nyan pointing out all the Santa decorations around the house:

And here’s a nice action shot, taken by Grandpa, of the reaction when Santa walked in. Think Mia was excited?


Here she is on the old man’s lap. Yep she was quite happy.

Merry Christmas!

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Fun Time at Dinner Time

Just a few short videos from last month, with Grandma in town, of Nyan Thomas singing and goofing around at dinner time.

And here we are ‘in the tunnel’ (a.k.a. under the table)

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Nyan Thomas Goes Shopping

Our boy getting into the holiday spirit: a few weeks back, Mommy was going shopping on the High Street and asked Nyan if he wanted to come along. Why yes, yes he did. And of course he insisted on carrying the shopping bag. Because he’s a big boy.

Of course he got distracted by varions streetscape sounds on the walk, as he does.

Bonus photo of Nyan wearing Daddy’s shoes, just ’cause he can.


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The Imagination of Nyan Thomas

Take one toy van, and one piece of broccoli. Put the broccoli on top of the van and voila! You’ve got yourself a fire engine.

He wouldn’t eat the broccoli (which he had said was a lollipop, before he decided it would work fine as a fire truck siren) but at least it wasn’t a total waste…


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Nyan Thomas in Autumn

A couple weeks back, when Grandma was here, she and Nyan had a blast on the walk home from school, playing with the leaves.

They also checked out the remains of a huge old tree that was toppled in the big windstorm we had at the end of October.

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