Photo Shoot, 2013 Edition

26 Dec

Last December, while we were in Iowa for Christmas, we took Nyan to a local photo studio for some shots. They came out quite well (you can see them in this post from this time last year). Earlier this month, we had a somewhat unexpected, quite last-minute trip to Iowa and managed to squeeze in another shoot at the same studio.

It didn’t go quite as well. Why? Because we have a two-and-a-half-year-old, basically.

Here’s one decent shot:


And there were a few more. Read on…

A few more, but not many. The kid just did NOT want to be there. He wouldn’t sit still for the camera, he whined and fussed when we tried to get him to sit, he kicked when we held him for a family photo… it was not pleasant for any of us. We did managed to get some okay ones, like this one on the couch, but for the most part, they came out with him either scowling or just looking really sad.

(click to enlarge)

We did manage to coax some nice smiles out of him when we brought out the toy train, predictably enough:

As for the family photos, I suppose they could be worse. But none of them show his usually-happy personality. (And in one, he’s downright scowling.) We only made one print of the three of us. Oh well.

Halfway through the session, I turned to Mommy and said ‘We are NOT doing this ever again.’ I would imagine that we will, in fact, do one of these again after all. He won’t be a 2.5 year old forever, right?

And just for the record: as soon as the camera was put away, the little man was happy, jolly, friendly, chipper. Sheesh. Thanks, kid.

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