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Today’s Videos: Little Moments

Nyan is at a pretty fun stage – he’s just happy all the time, exploring, somewhat independent (sorta), talking… just a joy. We’re taking plenty of photos and videos, even when the videos are not all that exciting. Like these two. Shot this morning, before we got him ready for school – partly due to this, Mommy and Daddy were both a little late to work, but so what? We want to remember, and chronicle these little moments, and the big corporations we work for can wait. Sappy, sure, but whatever.

Anyway, here we have him just sort of exploring the office, after throwing the package of swim nappies (swimming lessons on Sunday!) around a little bit.

(Gotta love how he doesn’t listen to Daddy, at all, when Daddy tells him not to mess around with the computer desk. But he snaps right to it when Mommy weighs in…)

And here, a bit later, playing a bit and then deciding that he just HAS to read a financial markets text book right now. Notice how he shoves stuff out of the way to get to the book. Kid loves his books, and we’re quite happy with that!

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The Curious Incident of Nyan Thomas in the Tub

Fun little story here. Today at school, our hero pooped a little bit, but Sally (or Lallie, as Nyan calls her) warned us that there was, how you say, more still up there, and that we should be ready for it. Well. Fast-forward to bath time this evening. (Think you know where this one is going? Well, read on…)
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Nyan is 19 (Pics and Video)

We have this great, deep, meaningful essay that’s mostly composed in our head, that we were going to flesh out in honor of today – our boy’s 19-month birthday. It was going to be all about how joyful and happy he is almost all the time; how we’re sure that most people get sick of hearing Mommy and Daddy wax on, and on, and on about how wonderful their little boy is. And how he seems to have entered some magical (and hopefully long-lasting) phase where he’s talking, walking, giggling, and just general being utterly adorable (oops, there we go again). And also we’d note how some of his recent changes have been so gradual that we hardly even notice at the time – like the way he now pretty much insists on feeding himself at all times (and he is eating quite well, we’re happy to report).

Yes, we were going to write all that, but, well, it turned into a rather busy day at work, and you know how that goes. So instead of writing all that, we leave you with a slideshow of a few recent photos of the lad, plus a video of Nyan from his visit with Mommy to the public library the other day. He went crazy for the books, of course – but he also spent a little time on one of the computers. Definitely a digital native.

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Today’s Photo: the Many Faces of Nyan

Last weekend, a friend of Mommy’s was over, and took a video of the little man on her mobile phone. She later used some program or other to convert it into the collage of still frames and varied expressions you see below, and posted it to Facebook. We liked it so much that we’re stealing it (with our thanks!) to post here. Enjoy…


(If it’s too small, just click the pic to make it bigger!)

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Reading in Bed (Video and Pictures)

Folks, to tell this story properly, we’re gonna have to get a wee bit scatalogical. Bear with us.


Long-time readers may know that we’ve struggled a bit, at times, to – how can we put this politely – keep things moving down there. You know: his poops are sometimes rather dry and painful. Not to mention infrequent. Over the months we’ve tried a variety of dietary changes, to varying degrees of success. Well, a few weeks back, after another extended period of less-than-ideal pooping, we went for the nuclear option: Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Videos: The Mirror and More

Here’s a treat for all you Nyan Thomas fans. We’ve unearthed a bunch of videos from way back when, that have never before been seen. This one is just wonderful, methinks. From April 30, 2012: Nyan Thomas is fascinated by… Nyan Thomas. And by the camera.


Here’s one from Dec. 30, 2011 – more than a year ago. This was before he could even roll over onto his belly, let alone crawl or walk!


And two more videos, including one that is fantastic if you’re into babies giggling uncontrollably.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Photos: Spaghetti

Here’s a slideshow of the young man eating spaghetti, then washing it down with a refreshing drink. These were taken back in December. Bon appetit!

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