Reading in Bed (Video and Pictures)

18 Feb

Folks, to tell this story properly, we’re gonna have to get a wee bit scatalogical. Bear with us.


Long-time readers may know that we’ve struggled a bit, at times, to – how can we put this politely – keep things moving down there. You know: his poops are sometimes rather dry and painful. Not to mention infrequent. Over the months we’ve tried a variety of dietary changes, to varying degrees of success. Well, a few weeks back, after another extended period of less-than-ideal pooping, we went for the nuclear option: prune juice. I managed to get a little bit of the stuff in him that night (most of it, though, he spit out, and who can blame him? Stuff tastes nasty). The next day? It was like magic: poop. Aha, we thought, we’ve found the secret!

But, alas, getting the prune juice into his belly remained a challenge. So we resorted to subterfuge (Nyan, if you’re reading this in years to come, sorry – but it had to be done. For your own good. Trust us.) We started mixing prune juice with his apple & mango juice, about 1 part prune for 3 parts apple and mango. Sometimes with a pinch of sugar to sweeten the deal, so to speak. And it’s been working: he’s drinking the juice on the regular, and he’s pooping on the regular too (in fact, it’s gotten a wee bit mushy and messy of late – so we’ll have to scale down a bit on the prune juice, I think…)

I tell this story as background for the pictures and video I’m about to share. Last Thursday, he hadn’t pooped in a couple of days, but had been drinking his juice quite a bit. He had a small poop after school, and was farting up a storm as we got him ready for his bath, so we figured there might be some more. And sure enough, near the end of his bath … well, I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that it was utterly amazing just how much poop he had up in him. (And how much ended up in the bath water with him. Oops.) Point being, after this, he was feeling oh-so-fine. Completely relaxed and jolly. And who wouldn’t be? He was so relaxed, in fact, that he pretty much refused to get into his pajamas, instead grabbing a book and sprawling out on the bed in the guest bedroom, happily reading away. After we finally got him into his pjs, he was back on the bed for more reading. We couldn’t really fault him, ’cause he was just so damn adorable about it.

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We’ll leave you with this video from midway through the night’s proceedings – Nyan Thomas learning (and trying to speak) various words, in both Burmese and English.

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