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Summer Break: Riding a Bike

We got Nyan a bike with training wheels several years ago, and a while back we took off those training wheels and Daddy tried to teach him to ride down in the basement parking garage. It was not a success. Many months later Daddy thought he’d buy Nyan a real bike and take him to a park where he could ride on the grass — soft in case he crashed. But then the coronavirus came and… yeah. Didn’t happen.

Once Singapore came out of lockdown in June, bike lessons were a top priority for us. But we got smart: we outsourced! Found a local company that does lessons, booked a lesson (actually two lessons, a Saturday morning and a Sunday morning) and off we went.

It was a complete and total success.

First step was learning to balance. Piece of cake.

And then… he was riding. Pretty much just like that – within half an hour of the lesson starting. Impressive! We took a lot of video; here are just a few.

By the way, the lesson was held under a freeway bridge going over the bay. Made for nice views!

We went back for the second day of lessons. Not really necessary, but it made him get even better.

Then it was time to buy his own bike! We stopped by the local sporting goods store where he showed off his chops by riding through the store. (It’s fine; they encourage it.)

In the end, we ordered a bike online as an early birthday present. They delivered it one Sunday evening.

We took it out for a spin around the pool right away:

And many times over the following days and weeks.

It wasn’t long before it became a weekend routine for Daddy and Nyan to take long, leisurely bike rides along the waterfront. Very proud of our boy! 

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The End of a Crazy School Year

Nyan’s primary/elementary school Year 4 was… unusual, to say the least. We started in August 2019 by going to school for a week, then missing two weeks to return to England for a wedding. So it took a little while to get back up to speed. Then, when the coronavirus took hold, we switched to home-based learning in April 2020, which continued pretty much til June.

The year was supposed to end in mid-June, followed by a two-month summer break. Except they decided to split up the break into two one-month breaks; the first break was the entire month of May, with the school year then extended. So: Home-based learning in April, summer vacation in May, back to school in June (some at home, some back in the school building), and end of the school year in early-ish July, with the new year to begin in mid August. Got all that?

Here’s our hero on that last day of school on July 10, 2020:

One of the assignments early in the year was to write a letter to his grandparents. He did it late because we were in England, but he did it. And it’s a beaut:

At the end of the year, Nyan brought home a big folder chock full of various drawings, poems, and other stuff he had done throughout the year. Let’s take a look at some of them. We won’t bother to try to explain them all; most are pretty self explanatory. (Click on any pic to enlarge!)

MISC WORK PICS (Start with the portfolio cover oic)

Here’s some other assignments, with a more personal, who-is-Nyan kind of bent. Some great drawings too.

Finally, a bunch of random pictures from recent months. (Again, click any pic to enlarge). His attention to detail remains astounding! 

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A Slow Return to Normalcy

We started to slowly come out of coronavirus lockdown in June 2020, but in a very restrained way. 

Nyan started to go back to school, in proper protective garb:

But it wasn’t full-time in-class learning. Here he is in mid-June, excitedly playing some sort of on-line quiz in Mandarin class from home:

Toward the end of the month we were allowed to socially mix again, so we quickly put together a sleepover with Jayden. The boys had a blast of course, playing and watching a movie and reading.

We also took a quick trip one Saturday afternoon to Gardens by the Bay. All the indoor gardens were closed, but we could walk around the jungle-park areas outside. Had it almost entirely to ourselves, and it was a great little trip to get some fresh air and exercise.

How empty was it? This is the passageway from the subway to the park. Usually heaving with people.

To be honest, Nyan wasn’t especially thrilled to be there, as you can maybe see from his body language in these pictures. Oh well. It was a good thing to do.

Maybe best of all: our swimming pool reopened in June! We celebrated with a slow-motion jump:

Swimming lessons resumed soon thereafter, as did his usual goofing around with Pang, his instructor.

Nyan also showed off his somersault moves, after some prodding from Daddy: 

Yes, it was good to be back. Things started to really ramp up in July. More on that in upcoming posts!

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