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Nyan Embraces his Artistic Side

Nyan’s really been embracing his artistic side lately, in terms of both visual arts and music. 

He had some time off from school in February, so Mommy took him to a local art studio for some classes. They did some pottery, which Nyan really enjoyed:

He did some drawing too. Usually he likes to draw fantastical cartoon fantasy worlds, but he’s also got a great eye for still lifes:

He also took up piano at the start of the year, as you saw. Here’s Daddy helping him with some finger drills:

And in his lesson at the piano school:

His drawing and piano playing has only gotten better since!

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Uncle Jeff, Taekwondo and More

We got a visit from Uncle Jeff for a few days in January. Always good to see him.

(That one photo is Nyan measuring his height against Jeff, so we can compare the next time we see Jeff.)

Nyan continues his taekwondo, including sparring:

He had another grading session in late January, which — if he passed — would mean another level up.


Did he make it? Tune in next time!

Finally, here’s a brief selection of some of the art and drawing that our boy got up to in January.

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Creative Pursuits: Drawing, Music & Science

Some of the creative endeavors Nyan got up to during the December break from school.

He did lots of drawing and writing, of course, as always. Including a get-well card for Uncle Iain, a letter of explanation to the Tooth Fairy, and some school work.

Nyan enjoys playing around with Daddy’s electric guitar.

He also had a blast when we went to a local music store one afternoon. He found his “dream  guitar” — a $7,000 sparkly Flying V. Save your pennies, kiddo.

He also did a number of scientific experiments, many of them with Mommy. Here they are in various science garb:

The masks were when they were doing geology, including pounding on various rocks with a hammer. Gotta filter out the dust!

Here’s an experiment on the viscosity levels of various substances. Peanut butter, honey, and olive oil.

And the creme de la creme: We took some pencils, connected them to a battery, put them in water. See those bubbles? That’s electrolysis!

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Hanging out with Zuzu and Iain

We got a nice visit from Uncle Iain and Aunt Zuzu (a.k.a. Mommy’s sister Emerald) for a few weeks in October. They’re two of Nyan’s favorite people, so he had a blast.

What did they get up to? There were Legos:

And iPads:

He made sure they met his school bus at the end of each day, and that they helped him up the stairs.

One evening, Nyan took them to see the nightly light show over the bay downtown. Here they are afterwards, featuring Nyan goofing around for the camera:

Another day they went to the National Gallery, a big art museum downtown, with Mommy.

There was a section in the museum where people could make their own art, which Nyan and Mommy were happy to do. Here’s Nyan’s output:

And Mommy:

Another day, Zuzu and Iain wanted to take Nyan someplace special…but we’ll save that for another post.

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September Moments, Part Two

Second in our two-part series about little moments and events that took place in September.

On Thursday afternoons, after school and before taekwondo, Nyan took part in an art class held at his friend Nadia’s apartment, just across the swimming pool from us. It was one instructor, seven girls and Nyan. He was a little worried at first, we think, what with being the old boy there, but he quickly got over that and had a blast.

Over the summer, we saw The Lion King (the movie) for the first time, as well as a short live-action version of it at Hong Kong Disneyland. When we heard that the musical version was coming here, we snapped up tickets. No pictures of the performance itself, but here’s our hero (and his peeps) before the show. He loved it, by the way.

We were sad to see Jayden and his family move away in August, but one small consolation prize was inheriting their electric piano. Daddy’s had fun playing it, and Nyan has fun pounding the keys. We’re hoping it’ll spark some interest in actually learning to play. But for now, we have this.

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Nyan’s School Portfolio

As we have mentioned, much of Nyan’s artwork, writings, and other school work has been collected into a large binder, called My Portfolio, all year long. It’s a wonderful book, and we got to take it home for a couple weeks, during which time we scanned some of the best bits. Let’s take a look.


It includes a fair number of photos from throughout the school year

A letter he wrote to Mommy:


Half photo, half self portrait. Check ot the detail on his shirt.


This next one is a fun one:


Check out the detail! Of course, he’s drawing Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, not his own, since he ends up in their bed most nights, still. Grr. But whatever: see Daddy checking the news as he enjoys coffee in bed; see Nyan reading in bed; see the dresser, the window and curtains, the ceiling fan, the round bulb atop the bedpost! The kid has a good eye.

Things he likes: food. music. library. reading. sweets. etc.


And things he dislikes, including cabbage, drowning, stinky smells, deep dark woods and some music. And bugs, too.


Some random factoids he learned about Singapore history:


He drew this happy self-portrait at the start of the school year back in August. Good stuff.


(The words are small; they say: “I feel happy because I am doing science” and “I feel happy because I met Jayden.”)

Last but not least, this wasn’t in his Portfolio but we’ll include it anyway. For Chinese New Year — the Year of the Dog — the kids put resolutions of sorts on paper dog bones, and pinned them up on a board at school. Nyan’s: “I need to improve on fast writing. I need to impove on listening skills.”  We certainly wouldn’t disagree on the second point, at least!

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Nyan the Young Scholar

Time for a periodic check-in to how Nyan’s doing at school. In short: just fine.

Here are some random pictures of the walk to and from school:

Walking around with various friends, mostly Jayden:

Here’s just a wee bit of his recent school work. We’ll have much more on this in the near future.

We live in the tropics – just north of the equator, in fact – which means we sometimes get tropical downpours. In January, we had a lot of them, usually at the exact time when we were heading home from school. No problem, though, with umbrellas and raincoats.

And finally, some of the funny faces our boy makes in the mirror of the elevator as we’re heading to school in the morning or coming home in the afternoon.

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A Modern Day Ansel Adams

Our boy has always had a bit of a creative streak (check out his drawings of trucks or sharks, or the expert way he colors in his coloring books). He loves to bang on his keyboard or strum Daddy’s guitar. He’s even picked up a camera from time to time.

On our trip to California this summer, he got ahold of Mommy’s digital point-and-shoot camera and, one jet lagged morning as we strolled around, he turned the quiet suburban office park into his palette.

In other words, he took a lot of photographs — at the office park and elsewhere. He’s some of his portfolio.

We think he did an excellent job of capturing the mood, the feeling, of the suburban office park – the ennui, the emptiness. See what you think:

He also did a decent job capturing shots of Mommy and Daddy, whether candid and casual or clearly coached by the photographer.

Nyan likes to look down when he shoots.

He also had a brief period in which he focused on fire hydrants.

The true artist is never bored. Strapped into a car seat while Daddy takes a leisurely stroll along the Pacific Coast Highway? Don’t get bored — get arty!

The artiste himself at work, taken by Daddy:

Regrettably, his photography days ended abruptly when he dropped Mommy’s camera on the ground. The lens no longer retracts, and the shutter no longer opens. Tough to take a photo without a working shutter. We’ll have to find him a relatively inexpensive point-and-shoot. In any case, we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Nyan Thomas, Photographer.

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Nyan Thomas, ‘Skilled Painter’

As you may know, Nyan’s been taking an art enrichment class at school — an hour or so per week where they do a variety of painting and drawing and coloring, experimenting with color combinations, and so forth. We also take him to a nearby art studio twice a week — an hour on Tuesday evenings for painting/drawing, and an hour on Saturday mornings for clay. He absolutely loves it all.

On Friday, we got a small package of photos from the school’s art instructor, showing Nyan in action in the class, as well as the teacher’s assessment of Nyan in class. He is, we are told, a skilled painter. a sensitive and sensible boy, well loved by classmates, takes pride in helping his classmates, and also “always full of wacky ideas.” Here, check it out for yourself (click to enlarge):

Proud parents, us? You bet.

Bonus: here’s Nyan at the art studio the other day. Hard at work on his latest masterpiece. At the end of class he was showing it off to his teacher. Daddy whipped out his camera and said to Nyan: “Give us a smile!” You can see the result. Yes, that’s our boy and his wacky ideas.

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Nyan Thomas, Photographer

We’re in Tokyo for a few days, and our first day here was full of beautiful spring sunshine, which brought out the best in Tokyo’s flowers. The colors must have inspired our young man, ’cause he grabbed Daddy’s Nikon and started shooting:

The kid’s got talent, eh? Or does he? Let’s see how his shots look. Here’s a selection, unedited:

A few technical issues with some of these, perhaps, but all in all pretty good. Especially for a three-year-old.

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