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March Miscellany

An assortment of photos, and a few videos, of random fun times from March 2019.



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The Soccer Tournament

Nyan’s weekly soccer club had a tournament of sorts back in March: three or four teams played each other, then had a sort of playoff to determine the winner. Nyan’s team didn’t win, but it was all in good fun, and they did have fun!

There was lots of strategizing…

and action.

Afterwards, there were medals and trophies and whatnot.

Finally, some poses. Including with Jayden, who came by to watch (and to come over afterwards for a sleepover!)

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Malls, Birthdays and Cameras

Nyan’s school, Eton House, organized a big ‘Eton Mall’ one day in March. The classes all decided on stuff to sell, and the kids came up with advertisements, pricing, the whole works. Then the kids manned the tills and sold their stuff!

Here are Nyan and his good friend Arav selling their wares (cookies mostly). And eating a popsicle that Nyan bought from one of the other stalls.

On another March day, his old friend Kyra from preschool days, and her sister Chryssa, had a joint birthday party at their condo, right next door to ours. So we went! There was a magician, there was food, there was playing around on the playground equipment.

And on yet another day, Nyan had soccer practice. One of the coaches had brought her DSLR camera, and Nyan somehow convinced her to let him play around with it. The little dude loves to shoot!

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Family Fun in the UK

More from Nyan’s trip to England in March 2019. Cousins, aunties, uncles, phwa phwa — family fun! Lots of pics and lots of videos. Enjoy!

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Nyan and Mommy Visit the UK!

In March 2019, our hero and Mommy visited the UK. Mommy’s best friend Sharon’s new baby, Immy, was being christened, so they made a two week vacation of it while Daddy stayed back and worked. It was quite a trip!

There was a visit with other kids (including Adam, Daniel and Elizabeth) to the Cutty Sark, the old ship that’s docked in the Thames River.

A friend of Mommy’s from school is now a successful children’s book author in England, and he happened to be having a book signing while they were there. Fun!

Finally, a batch of random photos from various travels on planes and trains to, from, and around the UK

And finally finally: arriving back home at Singapore’s Changi Airport. (Video by Daddy!)

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