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In the Pool and on the Pitch

A quick look at some outdoor fun in the month of August 2019.

Nyan still loves to be thrown in the pool:

Check out that somersault at the end of this toss!

And how about some indoor soccer on a rainy Saturday.

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Sick Day, Basketball, and Learning to Swim

One day in mid-November, Nyan took the day off from school and went to the aquarium with Grandma and Grandpa. He wasn’t feeling that well, so they came home early. A couple hours later, during dinner, he got sick! Poor little guy. He started being feverish a couple hours later; he’d caught a virus! So the next day he called in sick to school and spent most of the day sleeping.

He did manage to get up later in the day for some light food and light reading.

By the next day, the fever was gone and he seemed fine, though we kept him home just to be sure. By the afternoon, he was full of beans and life. Whew. Just a quick 24-hour virus, apparently.

Another day during November, we took Grandma and Grandpa to a Singapore Slingers basketball game. It was, in fact, their opening game of the season, and a fun time was had by all! Even though the team lost.

We also did some swimming during the month, including a lesson with Pang:

Nyan also decided to become a swim instructor himself, helpfully giving extensive tips to Mommy while she swam.

Well done, Teacher Nyan!

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Nyan Thomas, Water Baby

Okay, no longer a baby. But definitely loving the water more and more. Check out these videos.

Into the pool on a brilliant weekend afternoon:

Shark attack:

Practicing his strokes during a swimming lesson:

Off the wall:

Chasing the shark:

We love our GoPro:

As ever, finishing a swimming lesson with a few tosses:

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Nyan Returns to Telunas

In early August, to celebrate both Mommy’s birthday and the imminent end of a fun-filled summer, we took a three-night trip to Telunas, the low-key beach resort in Indonesia that we went to last August as well (see here). We absolutely loved it last year and Mommy said she wanted to return for her birthday again this year. So off we went!  

It’s an easy place to get to — a one-hour ferry from Singapore to Batam, Indonesia, followed by an hour or so on a narrow, low-riding speedboat operated by the resort. It was a little bumpy but fun. Here’s Nyan on the ride:

It’s a casual resort in a secluded cove, all of it built on stilts over the water, with a long walkway connecting it to the shore. Some photos:

Here’s an evening time-lapse from our room’s deck:

And another time-lapse from the beach, showing the little crabs doing their little crab thing:

Telunas is not a place you go for non-stop excitement and action. It’s a place to unwind, chill, and rest. There’s plenty to do though: read, play games, swim in the ocean, and eat. Here’s Nyan doing the Telunas thing:

Nyan and Mommy on the beach:

We spent a lot of time in the water, with our waterproof camera. The water was a little murky (a function of the time of year: prevailing winds in August are out of the south, and the cove faces south, so it gets steady winds that bring steady churn-y waves right into the cove. Apparently the water is much more clear at other times of the year). But who cares about the murk: we had a blast. Check it out:

And more:

Telunas is a family friendly place, so there were lots of kids around, including Warren, a half-white, half-Asian American boy who was a bit younger than Nyan. They got along great. Nyan (and Mommy) also fell in love with PJ, a months-old baby who they pretty much wouldn’t put down.

We did the rope course again, just like we did last year. Still fun!

And one day, the staff demonstrated some traditional Indonesian dance moves:

At night, the staff would start a big bonfire down on the beach, and Nyan and the other kids would gleefully roast marshmallows.

Nyan  also showed off his own traditional dance moves:

The resort has this platform about 30 feet above the sea. At high tide, you can leap from it. It’s a bit daunting but also pretty exhilarating, as Daddy found out both last year and this:

All in all, it was a super relaxing, enjoyable and successful trip. I bet we’ll be back again.

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Outdoor Fun

July – a.k.a. the peak of summer – is the perfect time to play outside. (Okay, we live in Singapore, so every month is the right time to play outside. But still.)

Check out Nyan’s ever-improving swimming (and jumping) skills:

And his being-thrown skills:

Fun on the soccer field:

July 2018 was, of course, World Cup time, so Nyan and some of the other kids from around the condo complex started playing “World Cup” each evening. Basically three-on-three soccer. It was a little chaotic.

Here are the kids, waiting for the others to show up.

I know we said this post was about outdoor fun, but let’s look at a little taekwondo while we’re here.

Stretching at the start of class:

And taking part in one of the occasional ball-throwing games:


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Update on Swimming

Time for one of our regular check-ins on how Nyan’s swimming is coming along. Coming along fine, thank you very much!

Here he is with his teacher Pang, just before diving in for one of his weekly lessons:


More from the lesson. Completely fearless and casual. Such a change from when we first got to Singapore.

Just flopping around in the pool like a little fish:

Swimming all the way across the pool! 

He’s also just about at the point where he can swim the entire length without stopping. Amazing! 

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Fun with Kyle (and Kara)

One day in June, we got together with Kyle and his family for a fun-filled Sunday afternoon. We don’t see them often enough, but Nyan and Kyle always reconnect immediately and have a blast. 

Here are the boys, goofing around.

We spent a little time at East Coast Park, catching bugs and listening to wild boars grunting in the jungle (heard them, didn’t see them). Kyle’s sister Kara is growing up nicely, and is developing a little bit of attitude, which she wasn’t afraid to show to Nyan!

The boys (and the girl) had a fun time playing various games and toys:

We ended the day with a very long, very energetic time in the pool. I think we were in the water for about two hours? Got home much later than planned, but it was well worth it.

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Swimming: Better and Better

Remember our last post, where we showed a couple videos of Nyan swimming in the infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands? It should be obvious from that, that our boy continues to show steady progress when it comes to swimming. Let’s check out some other recent displays of his aquabilities:

Working on his strokes:

More working on his stroke, followed by some silliness:

Okay, so he still has some work to do on his form etc. But so much better than he used to be, so we’re quite proud:

At the end of a hard lesson, it’s always fun to get tossed:

On weekends, we don’t have swimming lessons. Instead, we get to play – sometimes with a toy boat, sometimes just practicing our leaping and jumping.

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Pool Parties and Abacus

A couple of things Nyan did during the month of August:

One day, he went to his abacus grading exercise. See, he’s been taking an abacus class on Saturday afternoons for about a year, as a way to help him with his math. And in August, it was time for him to be graded, to see about moving on to the next level. Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be with him in the testing room; here are some pictures from outside the testing room, just before. Nervous? Nah.

And not nervous for good reason. Here’s the results:


That’s right: 100%. Well done, Nyan!

Another afternoon we attended a birthday party for Daniel, Nyan’s playground friend from the apartment complex. There was food, balloons and a clown show:

The big attraction, though, was the kiddie pool. Nyan of course has spent many, many, many afternoons in this pool and always manages to have a good time.

He had such a good time in the pool, in fact, that after he came out, dried off, put his clothes back on and got some cake, he wanted to get back in the pool. But didn’t want to take them time to change back into his swimsuit. No matter; in he went!

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Goofin’ Around in the Pool

As you’ve seen, our young man has gotten quite good at swimming – both relative to how he was earlier, and in absolute terms. But not to worry: the lad still gets up to plenty of goofy and silly fun in the pool. Check out these videos.

When he’s in the little pool, he likes to show off some routines. All of which he makes up on the spot, of course. Like “Monorail Explode” or “Balloon Circle Explode.” It’s kind of like modern, interpretive dance, maybe?

Here he is in his “Famous” phase, featuring maneuvers like “Famous Shipwalking” and “Famous Airplane Wing.” Also “Famous Train Whistle.”

Spinning around like a, uh, like a corkscrew in a swimming pool, maybe.

Finally, here’s our hero, and Mommy, viewed from 20 stories up. Note that Nyan is (successfully) walking while wearing diving flippers.

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