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Throwing Things (Video)

We’ve been teaching Nyan how to throw and catch a ball lately. This is a good thing; he needs the work! Here we can see his throwing skills, such as they are, a couple weeks back.

(Of course, Nyan being Nyan, he also wants to show off his skills at throwing his toys and other things. So clearly we need to teach him some limits as well…)

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Jet Lag? What’s That? (Video)

We’re back in London after a week-plus in America; more on that later. Nyan was, as always, a great flyer, and even managed about three hours of sleep on the redeye flight, which was three hours more than either Mommy or Daddy got. So we all passed out when we got home, sleeping from about 9:30 until 3:30 or 4. This evening, Mommy and Daddy are dragging. Our boy’s asleep at the moment, but earlier, he was certainly not showing any signs of fatigue or jet lag. See here:

We’ll see what happens overnight, of course; chances are good he’ll wake up at 2am, or 4am, or god knows when…

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Nyan Thomas in the Closet (Video)

Our boy likes to climb into various closets and shut the door. He’s unique, I guess we can say…

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Progress Report: Nyan at 19 Months

Every few months, we get an in-depth assessment from Nyan’s daycare/nursery about his progress. We got one back in early March, and I typed the notes up, and am finally getting around to sharing it here. These notes are from when he was about 19 months old, and he’s actually developed quite a bit since then, especially when it comes to talking. But here’s the notes from early March, for posterity if nothing else. It makes for a nice snapshot of how our boy was acting, and what he was doing, at about 19 months old.

(The notes on ‘developmental stage’ refers to what the ‘normal’ range for when a kid does certain things. He was right on schedule.)

DSC_1310 2

Personal, Social and Emotional 

Self confidence and awareness:
Nyan is a bubbly, confident boy. He loves coming to nursery. He always comes in with a big smile on his face. Nyan is very good at finding his own nose, eyes etc and is also able to identify them on his carers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Road Trip: Leeds Castle


A few weeks ago, the United Kingdom celebrated what’s called the Early Spring Bank Holiday – a public holiday, held on the first Monday of May each year. (Most of Europe closes down on May 1, May Day, but England I guess didn’t want to be associated with that socialist day, so changed that public holiday to a few days later. Something like that.)

Regardless, it ended up being a lovely warm-ish early Spring day, so we loaded up the car and headed for the county of Kent, also known as the Garden of England, about an hour to the southeast. Our destination: Leeds Castle, a beautiful thousand-year-old castle on several hundred acres of land and lakes. Here’s Nyan after we strapped him into the car, clearly excited:

IMG_1402  IMG_1403

We weren’t the only ones with the bright idea of visiting Leeds Castle that day; the parking lot was packed with hundreds of cars, and the line to get tickets was about 45 minutes long. Read the rest of this entry »

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Self Portraits

One of Nyan’s favorite things to do is to grab Mommy or Daddy’s mobile phone and touch lots of buttons. It usually seems to be pretty random – but every once in a while, he shows off his artistic skills. Like the other day, when he grabbed Daddy’s phone which happened to have its camera function up and running. Fifteen pushes of a button later, Nyan had created his latest masterwork – a series of self-portraits, with a few shots of the ceiling thrown in for good measure. It’s art, man.

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We’re off on another transatlantic adventure. Someone was getting a little bit excited…

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