Progress Report: Nyan at 19 Months

23 May

Every few months, we get an in-depth assessment from Nyan’s daycare/nursery about his progress. We got one back in early March, and I typed the notes up, and am finally getting around to sharing it here. These notes are from when he was about 19 months old, and he’s actually developed quite a bit since then, especially when it comes to talking. But here’s the notes from early March, for posterity if nothing else. It makes for a nice snapshot of how our boy was acting, and what he was doing, at about 19 months old.

(The notes on ‘developmental stage’ refers to what the ‘normal’ range for when a kid does certain things. He was right on schedule.)

DSC_1310 2

Personal, Social and Emotional 

Self confidence and awareness:
Nyan is a bubbly, confident boy. He loves coming to nursery. He always comes in with a big smile on his face. Nyan is very good at finding his own nose, eyes etc and is also able to identify them on his carers. If Nyan wants to look at something he will point to it. He loves looking outside at the cars.
Developmental stage: 8-20 months

Managing feelings and behavior:
Nyan cooperates with his nappy (diaper) change by lifting his legs up when his carer asks him to. Nyan is now begining to undersatnd some yes and no boundaries, such as when he is told to tidy up he helps out. When Nyan is tired he wants cuddles from his carers.
Developmental stage: 8-20 months

Making relationships:
Nyan has strong attachments with everyone in the room. He loves having big cuddles with the carers. Nyan has also started to interact with other children and babbles to them and also enjoys sitting alongside them.
Developmental stage:  16-26 months

Communication and Language

Listening and attention:
Nyan enjoys Jo Jingles sessions on Thursdays. He claps to the music and bounces up and down to the song ‘Wind the bobin up.’ Nyan loves to explore indoors and outdoors, and likes to hide in the pop-up tent. Nyan enjoys being read a story as he sits and listens.
Developmental stage:  8-20 months

During circle time, when a carer sings ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands,’ Nyan sits there and claps his hands. This shows that he has good understanding of actions to song.
Developmental stage: 8-20 months

Nyan’s communication has really developed. He is saying a lot of single words such as ‘bubble’ and ‘car.’  He is very good at saying carers’ and childrens’ names. Nyan also loves to repeat words that carers say to him. His favorite word at the moment is ‘car.’
Developmental stage:  16-26 months


Moving and handling:
Nyan loves putting all the toys in his mouth; it’s his way of exploring. He puts teapots and spoons into his mouth. Nyan enjoys drawing, he scribbles backwards and forward with pencils or crayons. Nyan is now walking and loves to chase the carers around the room. Nyan is also good at picking up a toy with his thumb and finger (the pincer grip)
Developmental stage:  8-20 months

Health and self care:
Nyan likes to feed himself. He is very independent and sometimes spills it into his bib. His favorite food of the day is tea time as he likes to pick it up with his hands. When Nyan is getting ready for the garden, he helps by putting his arm out for the sleeves of his coat. He also cooperates with his nappy change by staying still.
Developmental stage:  8-20 months

Nyan is very good at attepting to put the shapes into the shape sorter. When Nyan walks downstairs with a carer he sayys some numbers repeated after the carer.
Developmental stage:  16-26 months

Nyan enjoys being read a book in circle time. He likes touchy feely where he gets to touch the textures. Nyan also spends his time independently babbling to himself while looking at a book.
Developmental stage:  16-26 months

Expressive arts and design:
Nyan likes drawing. He gets all the crayons out and scribbles on the paper. Nyan has recently loved playing with the water tray; he splashes around with his hands.
Developmental stage:  16-26 months

Understanding the world:
Nyan enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and laughs and giggles. Nyan likes to play with the ICT toys such as the spinning tops and telephones. He sits there pressing all the different buttons.
Developmental stage: 16-26 months

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