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A Day at the Park

We know, we know, we’ve been quite remiss in posting new pics and videos as of late, we realize. Apologies. Still living out of suitcases, which is causing all sorts of havoc with trying to do things like make blog posts on a regular basis. All good, don’t get us wrong – we’re just a little off kilter. Expect fresh stories, photos and videos to resume in the very near future.

Meantime, let’s go back in time a couple months – early spring, Daddy’s hometown. It was a cool but sunny afternoon, and Nyan and Daddy headed to the neighborhood park, a place called Willow Creek Park, for some fresh air and general fun.

He really wanted to commandeer this soccer ball, but instead he decided to just go for a jog.


And here he is riding a plastic seahorse. I’m not sure what sound a seahorse makes, but I betcha it sounds a lot like whatever it is Nyan is saying in this video:


Similarly, riding a plastic fish.


And of course it’s not a trip to the park without playing on a slide:


Come back soon for photos and videos from the Singapore Zoo, from a dance-off between Nyan and a 19-month-old boy at an Orchard Road mall food court, from Nyan running down the hall of our hotel, and much more.


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Into the Pool

In the weeks leading up to our move to Singapore, we would tell Nyan about all the things we’d be doing, such as going to the beach and visiting lots of swimming pools. He was always less than enthused, usually saying that he’d be making a sand castle while he watched Daddy or Mommy swimming.

On one of our first days here, Mommy and Daddy were swimming in the rather large pool at the hotel we’re staying at, and predictably enough, Nyan decided he would get in the pool after all. Of course, Nyan being Nyan, he had to do it on his terms – which is to say, by riding Daddy’s shoulders. Not that Daddy minded.


Later, young Nyan Thomas got brave enough to go in the pool by himself. Well, it was just the kiddie pool. But that still counts:


“Swimming,” Nyan style. He also found time to strut around the pool.


Sad to say, we haven’t been able to get back to the pool too many times since then, as our days have been filled up with apartment viewings, school visits, trips to government offices to get our visas squared away, and the like. But we’ll get back in there soon, and we fully expect him to be swimming laps in no time.


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Dancing in Chinatown

This blog has been a little quiet of late as we try to get settled in to our new home in Singapore. But suffice it to say, things are going fine, and there will be lots and lots of pictures, videos, stories etc. soon to come.

Here’s one: it dumped rain on us most of the day, ending around 4. We were all stir crazy by then, so we headed to Chinatown for some food and sight-seeing. We came across a public plaza that had several dozen locals doing synchronized dance moves to Western songs. It was quite strange, but cool. And guess who joined right in?


Yes, the boy loves to dance, and he’s got some killer moves. (Did we mention that he’d been cooped up in the hotel room most of the day and had buckets of energy to spare?)

He even got Mommy to get into it too:


A strange but fun find, that’s for sure. Here’s a bit of an overview of the scene, showing the people he was watching dance, as well as some of the scenery around Chinatown:


Yep, so far so good in Singapore. Stay tuned for more.


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Nyan Thomas in Iowa

We’ve been in Iowa the past three weeks, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! There will surely be more to come, particularly some fun videos. But for now, here’s a bunch of Nyan Thomas in the Hawkeye state.



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Tractors vs Space Rockets

What’s a boy to do when he has to choose between tractors and space rockets?

This is the dilemma that our hero had to face a couple weeks back when we visited Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. This was one of Daddy’s favorite places to visit growing up, and he was happy to share it with Nyan. It’s a fantastic place with trains (model trains and real life trains), airplanes, a coal mine, a German U-boat, dozens of hands-on displays about physics and the weather and history and you name it.

Oh and there are also huge exhibits devoted to farming and to space exploration. Guess where we spent most of our time?

The farm exhibit had, among other things, several tractors that a young man could climb into and drive. Or he could just climb into the wheels:

But his favorite was definitely getting behind the wheel and pretending to plow up dirt. Or harvest corn. Or something.

There were also video displays showing all sorts of farming things, which pretty much transfixed the boy:


Finally we got away from the farm and found the space section. It included scale models of many many rocket ships, which pleased him to no end:


And there was a display where you had to “fuel up” a rocket ship by pushing a button, and then hit the launch button to send it to the sky:


Then it was off the gift shop. Somehow we managed to get out of there without buying a space helmet or toy space shuttle…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We didn’t manage to visit the submarine, or the coal mine, or several of the trains, and lots and lots of other exhibits. We’ll definitely have to return some day.


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A quick and fun little video of Nyan playing at the dining table, and having a drink of orange juice. Doesn’t sound that exciting, we know, but it’s not too bad, really. Just watch.


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Final Days in London

A smattering of photos from our final days in London. Here we have Nyan Thomas reading with Uncle Jeff, reading with Auntie Zuzu, wearing a lampshade on his head (there’s always one at every party, am I right?), showing off a medal he won at his school’s Toddler Derby, packing his friends into his suitcase ahead of our move… Just Nyan being Nyan, really.


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Sushi Dance Party

One of our last meals in London was at our neighborhood sushi joint. Good food and good music, as our boy demonstrates here:

Music by a band called Vampire Weekend, a current fave among the hip crowd (such as our boy, obvs). But he shows his street cred and his indie roots by dancing even harder to the Clash as well (while also demanding that Mommy dance too):

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Nyan Thomas, Gentleman Farmer

Arriving at home after a hard and fun day at school, there’s little that the gentleman farmer enjoys more than to climb onto his John Deere tractor in the back yard and tootle around for a spell before dinner. While also checking on the crops. Our boy is nothing if not a gentleman farmer.


Those were in London. Here we have the young man showing off his Iowa roots in no less than Iowa, helping Grandma and Grandpa in the garden. Teaching them a few things about farming, no doubt.

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