Dancing in Chinatown

18 May

This blog has been a little quiet of late as we try to get settled in to our new home in Singapore. But suffice it to say, things are going fine, and there will be lots and lots of pictures, videos, stories etc. soon to come.

Here’s one: it dumped rain on us most of the day, ending around 4. We were all stir crazy by then, so we headed to Chinatown for some food and sight-seeing. We came across a public plaza that had several dozen locals doing synchronized dance moves to Western songs. It was quite strange, but cool. And guess who joined right in?


Yes, the boy loves to dance, and he’s got some killer moves. (Did we mention that he’d been cooped up in the hotel room most of the day and had buckets of energy to spare?)

He even got Mommy to get into it too:


A strange but fun find, that’s for sure. Here’s a bit of an overview of the scene, showing the people he was watching dance, as well as some of the scenery around Chinatown:


Yep, so far so good in Singapore. Stay tuned for more.


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