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The Singapore Air Show, Take Two

Every two years, Singapore hosts the Singapore Air Show. It’s mostly an exhibition for airplane makers (and arms dealers) to try to sell their stuff to Southeast Asian governments. But they also open it up to the public for aerobatics shows, tours of airplanes and helicopters, and more. It’s a young boy’s dream; we attended the show in 2016 and weren’t going to miss the 2018 edition, either.

Here’s our hero in the taxi ride to the show. Check out that expression when we pass the airfield and he gets his first glimpse of all the jets parked there, waiting for him:

And sure enough, there were military jets, private jets, helicopters, you name it. Some of them were just for display; others had huge lines of people waiting to tour inside or sit in the cockpit.

Besides a helicopter or two, we took a tour of a US Air Force plane – an aging AWACS radar plane with what looked like 1960s technology, but which the crew said would be used for another 30 years or so.

We also made sure to get a good position for the aerial show, which featured plans from number of regional Air Forces – including Singapore, of course – showing off what they can do with their planes.

The Singapore Air Force had its own pavilion, with lots of displays of its technology, and even a model of a fighter jet for kids to sit in and take pictures.

And inside the cavernous exhibition hall were displays from scores of companies who sell everything from airplane seatbelts to military drones. Nyan was really into the model airplanes. Daddy was less into the crowds.

Among the exhibitors was the company that operates Singapore’s Changi Airport. They are in the midst of building a new shopping mall at the airport called Changi Jewel, and they had a scale model of the new mall on display.

The new mall will include a special feature: high-grade netting that will be suspended high above the ground for people to walk and bounce on. There was a section of the netting on display at the airshow, and people were welcome to try it out. So we did.

Fun stuff!

Bonus: A day or two before the airshow, some jets from the Korean air force were practicing some moves ahead of their display at the airshow. But, oops, on take-off, one of them lost control or something and, well, things did not end well:

No one was hurt, happily, but the Koreans had to pull out of the aerobatics show. Too bad. (Video sent by a friend.)

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Sunday at Peninsula Plaza

In downtown Singapore, there’s an art deco-style skyscraper called Peninsula Plaza. It’s a shopping mall on the first few floors and then an office tower above that, and it’s sometimes called Little Burma, because the place is chock full of Burmese restaurants, groceries, travel agencies and shops.

It’s a place we’ve been to a lot, so when Nyan had a school assignment to write a little bit about a special place in Singapore that his classmates may not know about, he opted for Peninsula Plaza. We didn’t really *have* to pay it a visit, since we know it so well already, but any excuse for some good Burmese food. So off we went.

That’s the building itself, and Nyan standing outside it on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The place was packed – there are thousands of Burmese domestic workers and construction workers here, and Sunday is their day off, when they all converge on Peninsula Plaza to eat and socialize – but we managed to find a table at a restaurant in the basement.

When Nyan wasn’t eating, he was drawing.

Maybe the best part of Peninsula Plaza, for Nyan at least, is a store on the first floor called Sin Toy. It’s full of cheap, junky toys, but every once in a while you can find a gem – like a die-cast metal airplane. It’s the shop where his big Singapore Airlines A380 model came from, and on this visit, he managed to convince Daddy to buy him a Jetstar plane.

Not a bad day.

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Once Again at the Singapore Auto Show

In January 2017, we took Nyan to the Singapore Auto Show (reminisce here). In 2015, we took a three-and-a-half-year-old Nyan to the same show, here. In 2018, we headed back yet again, and the show was just as much fun the third time around.

Nyan really enjoyed riding this giant motorcycle:

And climbing in and out of various car and truck interiors.

Also showed off how happy he was with some leaps-for-joy outside a delivery van.

Something new this year: BMW was offering virtual reality displays so you could see, I guess, what it’s like to drive a BMW, or something.

Not very interesting to watch someone do VR, perhaps, but Nyan certainly enjoyed it.

Best of all, though, was the boy who Nyan hooked up with. He was five years old, and just as excited about cars and trucks as Nyan. They ran riot around the whole place; luckily, none of the exhibitors seemed to mind (or if they did mind, they did a great job keeping it under wraps)

Will we return to the auto show next January? Yeah, we’re guessing so. Nyan woudn’t have it any other way.

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Christmastime in the Tropics

We don’t get a white Christmas in Singapore – surely it has never, ever snowed here; cannot imagine a scenario in which that would be remotely possible – but given that (a) Singapore was a British colony for many years and (b) Singapore is all about consumerism, Christmas is a fairly big deal here. It certainly is around our house, thanks to a certain six-year-old boy.


One of the highlights of each November for Nyan is helping to decorate our fake Christmas tree. We’ve had it for three or four years now; each year, Daddy thinks briefly about replacing it, but then he thinks, ‘Why bother? It’s still in fine enough shape, and it does the job.’ This year, Nyan did almost all of the ornament-hanging himself.

As mentioned, Singapore gets really into Christmas. Here are some shots of how the commercial buildings do it.

Expect more photos and videos regarding Christmas coming very soon!

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To the Zoo with Uncle Oo

In October, Nyan’s Uncle Oo — aka Mommy’s brother Sean — came to Singapore with a friend for about a week, on his way to a wedding in India. His visit coincided with a public holiday, so we were able to have some fun on a weekday. We decided on a trip to the Singapore Zoo, where Nyan hadn’t been in a couple of years.

It turned out that we were visiting on what would prove to be the hottest day of the year (36 degrees Celsius, about 97 Fahrenheit, with the usual equatorial jungle levels of humidity). But no matter: we still had a blast.

We went to a show that featured birds and snakes. At one point Nyan ran up to the front. Not sure why.

Nyan did a lot of animal viewing.

We snacked and ate too.

And check out these various critters, including the gorgeous white tiger, a hungry tapir, and a turtle who looked to be headless (he wasn’t really headless).

A really fun (if hot and sweaty and exhausting) day. We managed to take some other photos with Uncle Oo that week, including a few with Mommy and a goofy little boy.

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Playdate with Adriana and Kyra and Chrysa

Nya got to spend a Sunday afternoon in early October with Adriana, Kyra and Kyra’s sister Chrysa. It started out at Kyra’s house, where there was much running around (perhaps as part of a game of hide and seek):

Then it was off to the National Gallery, an art museum downtown where they had some special exhibits on for kids.  First they hung out on some stairs, listening to a concert:

The museum had lots of interactive activities and fun, color-splashed rooms:

And this exhibit that involved our brave heroes walking on glass across a deep chasm:

Also there was a room that doubled as a jail cell:

All in all, a fun afternoon with some of Nyan’s favorite peeps!

Bonus: later in October we spent a little time at his old school, MMI. Of course we had to pose for silly pictures.

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Staycation: Marina Bay Sands! 

Anyone who knows Singapore knows that Marina Bay Sands is this fancy hotel complex on the edge of downtown. Three 55-story towers, topped with a long structure thats home to bars, restaurants and the world’s most photogenic infinity pool. The place ain’t cheap, but we decided a while back that, at some point while we live in Singapore, we would splurge on a one-night stay at the hotel.


That point came in late September. We’d wanted a quick escape somewhere, but schedules didn’t allow; so a staycation it was! The fact that it was Daddy’s birthday was just icing on the cake. Anyway, one Saturday afternoon we checked in.

Let’s take a look at the property itself – the room, and the giant casino, which Daddy poked his head into later that night (nope, he didn’t gamble a penny).

Plus here’s an excited six year old doing “The Marina Bay Sands Dance” soon after arrival.

Our room was on the 47th floor. The “Sky Park” — home to an observation deck, the pool, some hot tubs and a few bars and restaurants — is on the 57th. Either way, in whatever direction we looked, whatever time of day we looked, we were guaranteed some spectacular views. Here:

What about the pool, you say? Why yes, we did spend a good amount of time in the pool:

Nyan, especially, loved it. Check out his skills!

In the evening, we had a delicious meal at a restaurant in the fancy shopping mall that’s attached to the hotel, and then went out along the waterfront to catch the nightly light/laser/water fountain show. It’s on every night at 8, and while it’s a bit over the top, perhaps, we loved it.

Nyan was captivated:

Near the end, they released a bunch of bubbles. Kids – and Mommy – did their best to catch them:

The main point of our staycation was, of course, family time. Mission accomplished. We even managed to take a few photos with the boy!

To be honest, we were a little dubious of the hotel going in. Could it really be worth the cost? Could it really live up to the hype? But, as it turned out, it was great. We really enjoyed it, the staffers were friendly, the facilities were great. We just may have to have another staycation there someday.

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