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Fun Times in December

Some random pictures and videos from December 2019:

Nyan bumped into Nadia outside the neighborhood supermarket one day. Hilarity ensued. 

Random photos: 

Practicing his wall-leaping skills after taekwondo: 

More pictures:

Skipping on the way home after school: 

Still more photos:

Another episode of wall-leaping:

And one more batch of photos: 

An evening at the beach:

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Christmas in Singapore

It’s never a White Christmas, but the holidays in Singapore are still a special time.

Here’s our cute little Christmas tree and other accoutrement, including a gingerbread house that Nyan made with Nadia.

One of our family traditions is to visit the Christmas display at Gardens by the Bay each year. This year was as lovely as ever, although awfully crowded. (This was before the viral pandemic, keep in mind!)

We took some family selfies:

And enjoyed this egg-shaped light display in one of the pools. Not very Christmassy but very cool!

Another holiday tradition is having Christmas dinner with Kyle, Kara, Bryan and Sara at their place. It also involves the kids playing with their new toys.

Oh, and presents on Xmas morning? Yes, yes, of course.

Merry Christmas!

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The Return of Monster Jam! 

As we hinted as last month, December saw the return of the monster truck show, Monster Jam, to the National Stadium. Nyan went along with Jayden and Jonnie. And bought a tshirt:


We had pretty good seats:


And we had some goofy boys.

Let’s not forget the main event! There were a lot of flipped trucks by the end of the night, as you can see in two of these three videos. 

Loud and fun. Every boy’s dream!

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Christmas in the Maldives!

In mid-December we hopped a Singapore Airlines jet for the Maldives, the low-lying island chain southwest of India. We’d long been fascinated by the place, after seeing pictures of coral atolls and sandy beaches, so we headed to a resort for a week or so, a little bit before Christmas.

It was amazing and we can’t wait to return!

We stayed at a resort called Kurumba, which took up the whole of a small island a short speedboat ride away from the island where the airport was built/ Check out these pictures of the resort and the surrounding beaches and water.

We had a little cabana right on the beach.

The resort offered diving, yoga, swimming… typical beach resort amenities. There wasn’t really all that much to do overall — which was exactly the point. Daddy went diving a lot, but otherwise we dd a lot of hanging out, reading, relaxing.

Nyan on the gorgeous beach that surrounded the entire island:

The lagoon around the beach were very shallow and warm. Sometimes a baby shark would swim by:

Don’t worry, the sharks weren’t dangerous. So Nyan spent a lot of time in the water too.

We took a lot of family pictures too:

Mostly we walked around the resort but one day we indulged Nyan’s desire to get a ride on the golf cart.

Yeah, Nyan spent most of the time being his normal self. Reading, sleeping, just being Nyan.

Including being a goofball from time to time:

Fianlly, some shots from the traveling experience. On the plane, at the airport…

And on the speedboat on the ride to the airport our last morning.  Ahh. Lovely.

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Dinner and Games with Kyle

One evening in early December, we met Bryan, Sara, Kyle and Kara at a local shopping mall for an evening of fun. We started off with a sprawling dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant. The kids posed for pictures, being adequately goofy.

Afterwards we strolled around the mall and ended up at games arcade. Lots of fun was had; even Mommy got into it!

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A Night at the Aquarium and Other Fun  


In early December, Nyan’s school class had a sleepover at the local aquarium! Here’s Nyan on his way to the event, with his overnight bag:


And some shots from the aquarium itself. There was lots of fun and lots of learning, and not very much sleep:

Here he is getting off the bus the next morning (with his pal Slothie!) and posing with his pal Arav.

Speaking of Arav: he had a birthday party in December as well. Some pictures of the two boys at the party:

Also in late December, Phwa Phwa came to visit! We’ll see much more of her in coming months, but here’s a sampling from December. With Mommy too.

And finally, we had a school performance in December. Nyan dressed up and joined his classmate for a performance playing the “melodica.” Here’s a picture and a video — you can sorta make out Nyan in the second row, just to the right of the middle, behind Arav on the guitar.


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