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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

It’s been well-documented that, once he got over his initial fears of dogs, Nyan absolutely adores the cuddly critters. And our condo complex, and neighborhood, has lots of ‘em, of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a quick look at some doggo fun in the month of March,

First up is Enzo, a big lovable fella who we saw on a grassy patch at the condo complex one evening. Much fun ensued, and when a young yellow lab showed up, the fun went all the way up to 11.

This here is Bernie – actual name Kanji. He’s a Bernese Mountain Dog (hence our nickname) who lives across the street. Young, big, goofy and super sweet. Sorry for the lousy pic.

And finally, the crème de la crème, leading contender for Best Dog Ever. Pepsi! 

We can’t really have a dog ourselves for multiple reasons, but our neighborhood dogs aren’t so bad!

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Our Hero Catches Covid

Two-plus years of caution, semi-isolation, mask-wearing, vaccinations and boosters, and yet – our hero somehow managed to catch a case of Covid in March 2022. We suspect he picked it up at school, though who can say for sure? 

It thankfully was very mild: one morning of a slight sore throat and a headache, mostly. But it was enough to knock him out of commission for a week, isolating in Mommy and Daddy’s room, with plenty of time for Youtube, Netflix and Nintendo. While being waited on hand and foot by his parents, bringing him all of his meals in bed.

And somehow, Mommy and Daddy managed to not catch it – we’re still not sure how. 

Not that anyone wants to get Covid, of course, but this wasn’t bad. After a few days he was feeling 100%, but that darn test kept showing the faint line, so we kept up the protocols. 

Finally, after a week, we got the green light to leave the house. We took it very easy, just a slow afternoon stroll down to the beach for some fresh air and people watching.

Could have been a lot worse, but we hope it never is.

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