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Robots and Cookies

A quick video look at a bit of what Nyan gets up to on his weekend days.

There’s his Saturday morning robotics class, of course. He’s getting better and better and starting to build more complex robots, and even starting to program a bit.

This one was, I’m pretty sure, built by another kid; Nyan was just playing with it. He’ll be working at this level soon enough though:

One Sunday afternoon, he came across a cookie recipe in a book he was reading, so he and Mommy decided to do some baking. Here he is, sending a little message to Grandma (with whom he also loves to make cookies):

So how did the cookies come out? Uh…. let’s just say that our oven is not very reliable when it comes to keeping a constant temperature, making it tough to bake anything. We’ll just leave it at that.

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Dancing King

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of evidence of Nyan’s dancing prowess. Here’s some more.

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A Little More Taekwondo

Time for a periodic check-in on Nyan’s progress in martial arts. The short version: slow but steady progress.

The long version: here are some pictures and videos.

He has fun, but he also works hard at the various exercises and routines.

Oh yes, they still do the warm-up routine where the teacher dumps balls on the ground, and the kids run around picking them up.

Here’s Nyan practicing his moves, and being a little silly, one week when a substitute teacher was in.

Some sort of running exercise, with a little silliness thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes he catches Daddy taking a video. Oops.

All that hard work paid off when, in May, Nyan went for his grading exercise and passed! Here’s his teacher, Mr. Lee, awarding him with some new badges for his belt. Next stop: Yellow belt! Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be more proud.

Next up: Because Nyan is about to turn six (!?), he moves out of the “kinder” class and into the real intro class. Stay tuned!

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Flashback Fun with Cousins

Many years ago – about five or so – a young Nyan Thomas went to England (he was living New York at the time) and hung out with his doting cousins, Hetty and Poppy. The three starred in these lovely videos, which you should re-watch right now because they will be very important to understand the rest of this blog post:

With a young Hetty:

With a young Poppy:

Fast-foward many years to autumn of 2016, when all three have put on several years of good living. They all got together again, and decided to recreate those earlier videos. The results? They speak for themselves:

I suppose now we’ll have to recreate these videos every few years for the rest of their lives, maybe? Eh, could be worse.


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Saturday Morning Dance Party

Our boy loves music. And he loves to dance. And on a lazy Saturday (or maybe it was a Sunday?) morning, there’s nothing better than throwing on some tunes and letting Nyan bounce, twirl and bump his way around the apartment. Enjoy!


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Another Playdate with Kyle

One of our favorite recurring characters on this blog is Kyle, Nyan’s former classmate whom he’s stayed close to even though they don’t go to the same school any longer, and in fact get to see each other but rarely – once a month at best. But they definitely make the most of the time they do get to spend together. Like in mid-October, when Nyan spent the afternoon at Kyle’s new home.

Much of the action took place in the lovely swimming pool, where the boys played all sorts of games.

And splashed in the water.

And goofed around using a hollow swim noodle:

It being nearly Halloween, there was of course a skeleton hanging around.

But mostly it was just about two pals hanging out.

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Nyan the Taekwondo Master

We signed Nyan up for some taekwondo classes. We did this with a little trepidation; long-time readers may recall how we signed on for some kung fu classes two years ago; after some initial interest, Nyan quickly grew bored with listening to the instructor. He became a bit of a distraction to the class, and the whole thing was far more stress than fun, so we dropped it.  (For a trip down memory lane, click here.)

But then, he was not yet three years old then – now he’s almost five. And he expressed interest himself in taekwondo. So we bit the bullet and signed up at a studio near our apartment – in the same building as his school, it so happens.

First up was a half hour trial session, one on one with one of the instructors to do a few basic moves and stretches. And Nyan was great! He was engaged, he listened and showed proper respect to the instructor; in short, he thoroughly enjoyed it. Some photos from that session:

And videos:

Clearly he was into it. So we signed up for a month’s worth of classes. The first one was this past Monday evening. Daddy picked him up early from school; teachers and fellow students wanted to see his uniform (yes, we know it’s about a dozen sizes too large), so we changed there at school. After Nyan got done vamping for the camera, he showed off to his friends and teachers; all were suitably impressed.

Then to the class. It was Nyan and four other little boys. It was an absolute success. Nyan had a blast; he listened to the instructor; he made pals with the other boys. He doesn’t have all the moves down pat just yet, of course, but that’ll come quickly.

Daddy peeked through the glass door from time to time and stole some little videos. He definitely doesn’t have the moves down yet, but he’s really into it. And notice how he’s always sneaking peeks at the other boys and mimicking what they do. He’s learning, and so long as his interest level stays high, he’ll get pretty good in short order, we think.


Stay tuned for more on Nyan’s taekwondo career!

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