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Recent Photos of Our Boy

We do this every once in a while: load up a bunch of recent photos in no particular order. This batch is from February mostly, with a handful dating back to January. No real theme here; just wanted to highlight our boy in all his (sometimes goofy) glory.

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More Artwork by Nyan

Nyan recently received a lovely Valentines Day card in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa. He loved it – so much so that he wanted to take it to school the next day to show his friends and teachers. So we packed it into his backpack and set off for school.

At the end of the day, when Daddy picked him up from school, Nyan pulled a piece of paper out of his backpack that his teachers had put in there for it to be taken home. It was some art he had made, a picture of My Grandmother: the paper had black lines on it to show the shape of Grandma’s body and head, and Nyan had added her facial feature and colored her hair.

He opted for a monochromatic green effect, which was an interesting artistic choice, art critics agree. Nevertheless, the end result is both charming and loving at the same time. Enjoy.


Click to enlarge and enjoy all the detail.

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Pele He Ain’t

No, young Nyan Thomas is not going to be confused with a soccer/football prodigy. Or any sort of sports prodigy, let’s face it. Need proof? Here’s our boy and his classmate, being roped into being goalies by an older boy at the playground who clearly could not find any kids his age to play with. The younger boys had one job: catch the ball before it goes into the decorative pool. How’d they do?

Yeah. ‘Nuff said.

And on another day, he was playing with a girl more his age (that is, she’s four to Nyan’s three-and-a-half). Same outcome, I’m afraid.

But hey, he’s fun to watch, and that’s half the battle, right?


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Virtual Gallery: Recent Art by Nyan

Nyan’s becoming ever more adept when it comes to using a pen, crayon or marker to express himself. Just the other day he wrote out his name in large block letters (he spelled it Y N A N, true, but still, this is a big deal!) and his coloring books show definite improvement over his earlier scribbles.

Beyond all that, though, he’s expressing his very fertile imagination through ever-more-elaborate drawings. Okay, ‘elaborate’ might be overstating things a tad, but the point is, he’s definitely progressing. Some recent examples, with annotations either by a teacher or by Mommy:

Not bad, eh? Here’s one he did last night. It’s an ice cream shop, and there on the far left is Nyan walking to the shop, holding hands with his baby. And no, we don’t know what that means either.


This is a couple of cars:


This one is from school. He didn’t draw the face, just did the coloring. Pretty interesting palette choice, no?


BONUS: Not a drawing, obviously, but an example of Nyan’s imagination at work: He took Rollie, his stuffed panda bear, and set him on a little stool. Then he took a little wooden jewelry box type thing, put it in front of Rollie, and declared: That’s Rollie working on his laptop.

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Shadow Dancing

One of Nyan’s more recent fascinations is his shadow. To that end, one of his current favorite things to do is to run along under the street lights and watch his shadow, or more often just stand there and make silly motions to watch what his shadow does. He also asks why his shadow doesn’t have eyes. Here are a couple of recent episodes.

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One of the amenities at our apartment complex is an outdoor exercise area, with chin-up bars, an area for sit-ups, and the like. It’s a popular place for the kids to hang out and play; in fact, we’re not sure that we’ve ever seen anyone actually using the area for real exercise. Except for Nyan, that is. Here he is on a recent Sunday, getting his daily exercise in (with a little help from Uncle Oo, visiting from England): And here he is later that same day. Just trying to tone up, or something.

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Nyan Thomas, Musician

Music is pretty important around Casa de Nyan, as Mommy and Daddy have always tried to get Nyan interested in tunes, through singing, listening to music, even dinking around on Daddy’s guitars. Nyan is starting to show more and more interest in music, we’re happy to report, including actually making it – through a cheap and simple Disney keyboard, and more recently through an awesome Casio keyboard that Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Iain got Nyan for Christmas.

Here’s Nyan on the Disney keyboard:

And a pair of videos of Nyan on the Casio (with a little help from his Daddy):

(Of course, near the end of that second one, we see Nyan get up from the keyboard and go try to turn on the iPod. Guess he got bored…)

Finally, as proof that Nyan’s at least a double threat when it comes to making music, here he is, shredding on Daddy’s acoustic guitar:

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Gardens by the Bay

We’ve been a bit quiet on these here blog pages of late. Apologies for that. To make up for it, here are a few photos from one of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite places in all of Singapore – Gardens by the Bay! It’s an absolutely gorgeous botanic gardens sort of place, with great views of the Singapore skyline and fancy light shows every evening. You saw pictures in a recent post showing the gardens decked out in Christmas lights with fake snow blowing all over the place. Here are some shots from a few weeks before that, when Grandma and Grandpa were in town.

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