Virtual Gallery: Recent Art by Nyan

12 Feb

Nyan’s becoming ever more adept when it comes to using a pen, crayon or marker to express himself. Just the other day he wrote out his name in large block letters (he spelled it Y N A N, true, but still, this is a big deal!) and his coloring books show definite improvement over his earlier scribbles.

Beyond all that, though, he’s expressing his very fertile imagination through ever-more-elaborate drawings. Okay, ‘elaborate’ might be overstating things a tad, but the point is, he’s definitely progressing. Some recent examples, with annotations either by a teacher or by Mommy:

Not bad, eh? Here’s one he did last night. It’s an ice cream shop, and there on the far left is Nyan walking to the shop, holding hands with his baby. And no, we don’t know what that means either.


This is a couple of cars:


This one is from school. He didn’t draw the face, just did the coloring. Pretty interesting palette choice, no?


BONUS: Not a drawing, obviously, but an example of Nyan’s imagination at work: He took Rollie, his stuffed panda bear, and set him on a little stool. Then he took a little wooden jewelry box type thing, put it in front of Rollie, and declared: That’s Rollie working on his laptop.

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