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Fun Times in the Month of May

A bunch of random photos and videos from the month of May 2019.

A proud moment in his swimming career: first-ever underwater somersault without complaining!

Walking along with Jayden on a rainy yet sunny morning:

Enjoying music and showing off his dance moves:

One evening we had dinner at a local mall, Suntec City, and found in the lobby a display from a local architectural school. They were just starting a lecture of sorts, and Nyan insisted on sitting in and listening.

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Winding Down the School Year

May 2019 was a busy month at Nyan’s school, which wrapped up for the year in early June.  Let’s take a look.

He enjoyed his time in music class, learning to play — or at least get familiar with — a wide range of instruments.

Waiting for the bus to school one morning:

A class field trip to the zoo!

Showing off his skills to Mommy at a year-end parent/teacher conference

And finally, sports day! Hanging out with Arav, looking cute in his floppy hat, and running a race, all while planes from the Republic of Singapore Air Force zoom overhead on final approach to a nearby airbase.

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Live Music on a School Night

Nyan’s daddy has been playing in a rock band for a little while now, and one weeknight in May, his band had its first-ever live performance. Mommy and Nyan were there, of course; Jayden showed up with his family too!

Nyan gave himself a front-row seat and had a great time. But he arguably had even more fun hanging out with Jayden, hanging out with Daddy and Mommy before the performance, and watching the bar TV which was showing a muted video of Mr Bean.

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