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Adventures in April

Besides multi-adventure camp, what else did Nyan get up to in April 2021? Let’s find out!

What else? Ice cream, sleeping, goofing with Jayden. The usual:

And, yeah, more reading, of course, including on the street. That’s our boy!

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Multi-Adventure Camp

Nyan had some time off from school around Easter, and with the Covid pandemic starting to subside for the moment, we were able to send him to an activity camp. We chose “Multi-Activity” which included, well, multiple activities!

There was tent pitching:

And cooking over an outdoor stove:

There were also games like four square, and activities like orienteering, first aid… frankly it reminded us of what Daddy learned to do in Boy Scouts! 

Lots of kids, and it was a great time by all accounts.

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