Connecting with Nature

08 Mar

As you’ve seen, we like to stroll down to the coast (about a 10 or 15 minute walk) and play in the sand and just soak in the fresh sea air. Here’s one of our visits from February 2021.

We did some sand drawing. Daddy helped – he’s not quite the artist that Nyan is. Oh well.

We like to connect with nature even at home. Our balcony is filled with plants, one of which is pineapple plant we grew from a fruit we bought at the grocery store. Every once in a while it bears fruit!

Also, remember last year when some birds build a nest outside Nyan’s bedroom window and a baby bird hatched? (Read about it here) Those birds still visit our balcony (and in fact built a fresh nest this spring). One day in February, one of the bird visitors looked an awful lot like the little fella who hatched. Can’t say for sure but we choose to believe it was our little guy, back to say hello!

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