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Castles Made of Sand

We live about a 10 minute walk from the beach. It’s not the kind of beach where you really want to go in the water — too much garbage floating in there, we’re very sad to say — but the beach and the adjacent park are simply lovely places to hang out.

Farther up the beach — a good 20 minute bike ride or so — is an officially designated sand castle spot, complete with a little shop that sells buckets, spades, and little knight figurines. We headed up there one blazing hot Sunday afternoon and spent a good hour building and destroying various castles, towers and cities. Nyan’s already making plans for his next sand castle adventure. Here’s a bunch of photos from that fun sunny day.

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Nyan Builds Lego Robots

You’ve seen pictures and video of Nyan at his Saturday Lego robotics class. Here’s some more from February.

Check out how he uses a motion sensor to trigger the robotic baby birds:

Look at this, uh, spinny thing.  (Oh, it’s a dragonfly!)

And….goofing around a bit. Okay, so he does have some issues focusing at times. I suppose that’s to be expected with a five-and-a-half-year-old boy, eh?

He’s not yet able to build and program things on his own, but he’s getting there. And what great formational training for his possible future career as an engineer!


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Happy Birthday to Kyle!

Nyan’s BFF Kyle’s parents always throw great birthday parties (see 2015’s edition here), and this year was no different. It was at one of those indoor playgrounds where kids can run riot on slides, trampolines, hamster cage-like tunnels, and the like. This one also featured climbing walls and a high-flying obstacle course of sorts where the kids had to be strapped in to safety harnesses and wires!

Here’s the birthday boy, along with his mommy, his sister and our hero:


Some random running around and bouncing:

The staff at the party place did a great job trying to herd all the kids and play games with them:

Nyan bravely gave the climbing wall a shot. He didn’t quite make it, but look at that effort! Well done.

Random fun and cake:

About that obstacle course. Here’s our boy, bravely getting suited and booted:

And off he goes. A little unsure at first…

Swinging tires. But he persevered:

Fancy footwork and intense concentration on the rope ladder bridge:

Really proud of his effort on the entire obstacle course.

The birthday boy and his pals again. Another successful party. Thanks, Kyle!


BONUS: Here’s the boy just before the fun, doing his goofy dances as we wait for our taxi to take us to the party.

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Fun Times at MMI

If you’ve spent any time around this blog, you know that Nyan loves his school (Modern Montessori International, aka MMI) and his teachers and his classmates. Let’s take a quick look at some of the random bits of fun he gets up to at school, often at the end of the day.

Watch Nyan pull a rabbit, or something, out of his hat.

And it’s always a party when there are puppets involved:

Action shots!

Here’s a group shot from a field trip the class went on:


And telling stories about the field trip (it was a place with lots of adult-job scenarios the kids could act on, such as airline pilot, doctor, etc.)

And finally, just random bits of fun.

Gonna miss this place when we move on to ‘real’ school later this year!

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Saturday Morning Dance Party

Our boy loves music. And he loves to dance. And on a lazy Saturday (or maybe it was a Sunday?) morning, there’s nothing better than throwing on some tunes and letting Nyan bounce, twirl and bump his way around the apartment. Enjoy!


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Happy Birthday to Abi! 

February was the month of birthdays. Multiple parties at school, and nearly every weekend brought one or more party at someone’s house. First up was Abi, who threw a lovely pool party at her condo down the road.

It was an iffy day, weather wise, and in fact we got caught in a shower walking to the party:


But the clouds cleared out and the party went on. Abi’s parents had hired a company that brings giant inflatable pool toys, and they were a huge hit.

Nyan didn’t quite get the concept of the waterslide:

He started to figure it out though:

Adriana, Nyan and Kyra enjoyed floating on a giant inflatable rainbow popsicle:

And (trying to) row a row boat across the pool:

Or just chillaxing in the water.

And of course there was cake

Mostly thought, it was about good times with good friends

A special surprise was Teacher Faiza, who had been Nyan’s teacher (and Abi’s, too) for most of the last two years.


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Fun Times in January 

We said farewell in January to an old friend: the rocking chair we had bought when Nyan was on his way, some six years ago. The chair was showing its age, and not really needed, rocking-wise, so we upgraded to a nice blue thingie. That meant the chair had to go.

Nyan gave it a warm send-off as we took it downstairs to be taken to a farm upstate. Or the recycling truck, whichever.

What other bits of random silliness and fun did we get up to in January? Let’s take a look.

Here’s Nyan singing “happy birthday” for a video message to cousin Kiki:

Skipping for joy in a local shopping center:

He *really* likes this cartoon called PJ Mask:

Cartwheels at the end of a long school day. All gymnasts may be equal, but some are clearly more equal than others.

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