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Today’s Photos: Just Nyan

Can’t help but share a couple of recent photos of the young man. Here he is at dinner last night, chowing down on some bread pudding he made at school earlier in the day:


And here’s the lad just this morning, slightly blurry (sorry) but happy as a clam after a good night’s sleep, getting ready for a quick washing up before he heads off to school: Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Videos: Weekend Fun

A slice of Nyan Thomas’s life on a Sunday afternoon, hanging out with Daddy. First up: Nyan helps Daddy sort the laundry, until he gets bored. Then he toddles off to the kitchen and proceeds to empty out the drawer, as he does.


And this next one is just sweet. Read the rest of this entry »

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Our Boy is 18 (Months)

Yes, it’s true: as of Saturday, we’re the proud parents of an ever-more-independent 18 month old. Where does the time go, etc.


He’s certainly come a long way. His vocabulary is getting quite good, as he’s picking up new words on a daily basis. Some of them it’s clear what he’s saying, sometimes it’s clear that he’s trying but he’s still struggling with a clear pronunciation. But still, definite progress. (This evening, he handed me something and I almost think he said ‘Here you go.’ But that may have been my imagination – I suspect he’s not quite at the stage where he’s saying full sentences.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Video: The Things He Pulls Out of Drawers

Nothing all that exciting here, just a snippet of life with Nyan, showing one of his current favorite things to do: climb up onto the footstool in the kitchen, open one of the utility drawers, and empty it out. (And oftentimes examining each utensil closely.)

He also tries to do the same with the refrigerator, though we tend to discourage that, for obvious reasons.

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Today’s Video: Cabin Fever

Weekends tend to be a mixed bag for our hero. On the one hand, he gets lots and lots and lots of time with Mommy and Daddy – never a bad thing. On the other hand, we feel sometimes that he gets a little bored by the end of the weekend, since most of his days are spent with a dozen other kids, activities galore, and of course his bevy of lovely ladies at the nursery.

So we do what we can to keep things interesting – lots of playtime and books, errands, trips to Colchester, strolls around the neighborhood if the weather is good, etc. This weekend the weather was decidedly not good, including some seven inches (and counting!) of wet, heavy snow that has fallen today. We didn’t want to take him out in the cold and the damp — yes, we’re overly cautious when it comes to keeping him out of the elements, but that infection he got in September scared the bejeebus out of us, and plus he’s got a slight cold these days, and we don’t want to risk it — so it was a weekend indoors for the poor lad. We were all a bit out of it on Sunday — he napped poorly and just seemed a little restless, or maybe we were projecting? — but on Saturday he was certainly full of beans. Here’s the young man showing off his walking skills, his love of household appliances, and so forth.

And as an added bonus, here’s the winter wonderland that is our back yard today, as of mid afternoon. (Click it if’n you want to see it bigger)


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Today’s Photos: For the Midwesterners

The photos in this post probably won’t mean a whole lot to our readers from England, New York or pretty much anywhere but the Midwestern United States. But no matter, the kid looks good! Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Photos: The Things He Reads

One of the (many) things we’re proud about when it comes to young Nyan Thomas is that he loves books. The main room in our house – Americans would call it a family room; here, it’s known as a reception room – has plenty of toys as well as a shelf full of his books. Nyan loves his toys (his talking zoo is his current fave) but more often than not, he’ll walk or crawl over to the bookshelf and pull out book after book after book, demanding that Mommy or Daddy read to him, or he’ll point to the pictures and demand that we tell him what he’s pointing at. His love for books bodes very well for the future, we believe.

On Sunday, we were all three hanging out in the spare bedroom upstairs, which we’ve turned into an office/craft room/hobby room – it’s got a desktop PC, a dresser full of camera equipment, Mommy’s boxes of yarn and knitting supplies, Daddy’s guitars, etc. And it’s got a few floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, chock full of Mommy and Daddy’s books. Nyan went over to these shelves and pulled a bunch of books down and proceeded to flip through them. Here’s what he was reading – and I swear to whatever deity you believe in that these photos are in no way staged:  Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Video: More Walkin’

A companion piece to our last post, in which we shared a brief and lousy video of the young man walking. Here he is, showing off more of his mad walking skillz, with a slightly better quality video. (But not that great. Look, I know people think Apple is next to godliness, but the iPhone, in my experience, doesn’t come anywhere close to living up to the hype. But I digress.)

Point is, Nyan Thomas is nothing short of a walking machine these days. As we sorta expected and feared, that means we must be even more vigilant, because you turn your back on him for even a second and, before you know it, he’s on the other side of the house, getting in to all sorts of mischief. Okay, not really mischief; aside from putting BlackBerries into the washing machine every now and again, he’s — so far at least — pretty well behaved. But you see my point.

Without further ado, I give you Nyan Thomas – walking.

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Today’s Video: Walkin’

We’ve had some inquiries recently about how the little man is doing with his walking. I’m happy to report that he’s getting better and better. He hardly ever crawls any more, and when he gets knocked down, he gets up again and keeps right on walking. He’s looking less and less like a drunken sailor and more and more like just a regular ol’ toddler, walking along.

So we shot this video last night on the iPhone. It’s brief, and for some reason out of focus, and doesn’t show much walking. In other words, it’s a lousy video. But that’s the best we got right now. Sorry for the low quality, but please enjoy it nonetheless…

(If you look closely, you can see Daddy’s BlackBerry in Nyan’s hand – and you can see him store it in the drawer. That seems to be his new thing. The other morning, he had the same BlackBerry, and then it was gone… took me a few minutes to find it: he had put it in the washing machine. Of course.)



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Today’s Photos: 2012!

Let’s take a look back at the year that was, shall we? Read on for a series of photos – one from each month of 2012 – to see how much the lad has changed. Here he was a year ago, in January 2012.


January 2012

Before we look at more photos, let’s review just some of what the lad accomplished in the past 12 months. Read the rest of this entry »

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