Today’s Video: Walkin’

12 Jan

We’ve had some inquiries recently about how the little man is doing with his walking. I’m happy to report that he’s getting better and better. He hardly ever crawls any more, and when he gets knocked down, he gets up again and keeps right on walking. He’s looking less and less like a drunken sailor and more and more like just a regular ol’ toddler, walking along.

So we shot this video last night on the iPhone. It’s brief, and for some reason out of focus, and doesn’t show much walking. In other words, it’s a lousy video. But that’s the best we got right now. Sorry for the low quality, but please enjoy it nonetheless…

(If you look closely, you can see Daddy’s BlackBerry in Nyan’s hand – and you can see him store it in the drawer. That seems to be his new thing. The other morning, he had the same BlackBerry, and then it was gone… took me a few minutes to find it: he had put it in the washing machine. Of course.)



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