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October Randomness

Our monthly look back at the little moments that make up our boy’s life. These are from October 2018.

Goofing and martial-artsing on the way to soccer:

Concentrating, and dancing, as he works on a problem at Lego Robotics:

The walk along the edge of the pool on the way home from school:


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Happy Birthday to Jayden!

Jayden turned eight in October, and Nyan got to celebrate with him. Rather than a big party at an indoor playground or theme park, Jayden invited Nyan over for a simple playdate and cake. Were they excited? They were.

They spent some time at the playground at Jayden’s condo complex, complete with high-flying swing action:

And yes, there was cake. And photos.

Of course there was general frivolity as well.

Happy birthday, Jayden!

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Dressing Up at School

We had a couple of special events at school in October. That included Halloween, when the kids were encouraged to dress in costume. Nyan decided he wanted to be a robot, so Mommy sprung into action and whipped up another home-made costume. Looks good!

Also in October, the school celebrated UN Day. It’s a pretty big deal at an international school in Singapore, where kids come from literally all over the world. Nyan has schoolmates from China, Norway, India, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Uganda, Argentina, the UK, the USA, and many more.

On UN Day, kids were asked to dress up in clothes that represent their country of origin. For Nyan, that could mean England, America, or even Myanmar. He opted for …. Iowa.


There was an all-school assembly, with parents invited. No decent video from the assembly itself, but here’s our goofy boy on his way in:

And afterwards, on his way to a group shot of all his classmates:

And the group shot itself, complete with a photo of parents taking photos.

Finally, a few random photos of our boy at school or waiting for the school bus in the morning, in regular school uniform.

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More Sleepover Fun

Jayden may have moved to the other side of the island, but the sleepovers continued in October (albeit less often).

Most Nyan-and-Jayden sleepovers include some time watching a movie:

There’s always eating and goofing:

There’s drawing, oftentimes while (or instead of) eating:

And just general goofiness, including with Jayden’s brother Jonnie.


It’s amazing how much energy these rambunctious boys are always able to find!

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Universal Studios with Zuzu and Iain (and Mommy)

One of the highlights of Uncle Iain and Aunt Zuzu’s visit in October — which happened to coincide with a week off from school for Nyan — was a day spent at the Universal Studios theme park. Even better, Mommy took the day off and joined in!

There was plenty of fun to be had.

They went on the miniature indoor ferris wheel:

And the merry-go-round:

Nyan’s favorite ride by far, though, was the one called Dino-Soarin’. It’s part of the Jurassic Park section and, as the park’s website puts it, allows children to “ride on the back of flying dinosaurs called Pteranodons, soaring up into the sky or plunging down into the shadows.”

Whatever it was, Nyan kept going back to it, over and over again.

A fun day at the theme park with no school and a trio of doting adults? A little boy’s version of paradise!

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Hanging out with Zuzu and Iain

We got a nice visit from Uncle Iain and Aunt Zuzu (a.k.a. Mommy’s sister Emerald) for a few weeks in October. They’re two of Nyan’s favorite people, so he had a blast.

What did they get up to? There were Legos:

And iPads:

He made sure they met his school bus at the end of each day, and that they helped him up the stairs.

One evening, Nyan took them to see the nightly light show over the bay downtown. Here they are afterwards, featuring Nyan goofing around for the camera:

Another day they went to the National Gallery, a big art museum downtown, with Mommy.

There was a section in the museum where people could make their own art, which Nyan and Mommy were happy to do. Here’s Nyan’s output:

And Mommy:

Another day, Zuzu and Iain wanted to take Nyan someplace special…but we’ll save that for another post.

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Return to the Skatepark

We’ve been to the skatepark a few times, as you’ve seen. Is Nyan learning how to skate? You be the judge:

At least he’s being a good sport with Jonnie, his surrogate younger brother:

Oh well. He has fun, and he gets to hang with Jayden, and sometimes even get a hot chocolate from the Starbucks across the street.

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