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Final Playdates with Friends

We didn’t really know it at the time (though we kinda suspected/feared it), but March 2020 would be the last time for a couple of months that we could hang out with friends. As it turned out, Nyan took full advantage of that, with multiple playdates and casual hang-outs with his pals during the month. (His two-week spring break started midway through the month, which led to many more playdates. Singapore’s coronavirus lockdown started pretty much as soon as his break ended.)

There was, of course, lots of fun with Jayden: 

And hanging out with Jonnie:

He had a playdate with his school pal Arav:

And a playdate with another school pal, Edris:

Not to mention plenty of reading dates with school pal and neighbor Nadia:

Of course, any time with Jayden is not complete if there’s not a lot of wild craziness going on. 

And dancing!

The lockdown wasn’t much fun — more on that later — but at least Nyan had some good times leading up to it…

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Celebrating Kyle’s Birthday

Nyan’s long-time friend Kyle turned 9 years old in February. What was going to be a large gathering at an indoor playground place got downgraded (thanks to the coronavirus, just emerging at the time) to an intimate party of mostly family and a few close friends at the Chinese Swimming Club’s bowling alley. We had a great time, as we always do with Kyle and his family.

There was, of course, cake:

And bowling, plus an appearance by the birthday boy in a dinosaur suit:


Mommy and Daddy had fun too; and check out Daddy with the stellar roll!

Finally, Kyle himself, playing with one of the toys Nyan gave him as a birthday gift.

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Monkeys on a Nature Hike

Off in Western Singapore is a fairly tall hill (by Singapore standards at least) that’s covered in jungle and criss-crossed with some steep, though well-paved, trails. It’s the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and it’s a popular place for people to go hiking on the weekend. So one hot Saturday afternoon in February 2020, that’s exactly what we did.

It happens to be very close to where BFF Jayden lives, so Jayden and little brother Jonnie came with. And those three boys weren’t the only monkeys on the trail!

It was a good long hike, steep in parts (as mentioned) and very sweaty.

But it was a very nice stroll through the jungle.

Finally we reached the top and celebrated by climbing atop the ceremonial boulder.

Bonus behind-the-scenes material: Nyan and Jayden walking to the subway station on our way to the park:

And dancing as they waited for the subway:

Special bonus: just outside the park was a small cafe. We didn’t go in, but Nyan the sloth-lover absolutely had to get a picture taken with the sign.

An afternoon of sloths and monkeys. Nothing wrong with that! 

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The Return of Monster Jam! 

As we hinted as last month, December saw the return of the monster truck show, Monster Jam, to the National Stadium. Nyan went along with Jayden and Jonnie. And bought a tshirt:


We had pretty good seats:


And we had some goofy boys.

Let’s not forget the main event! There were a lot of flipped trucks by the end of the night, as you can see in two of these three videos. 

Loud and fun. Every boy’s dream!

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Dinner and Games with Kyle

One evening in early December, we met Bryan, Sara, Kyle and Kara at a local shopping mall for an evening of fun. We started off with a sprawling dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant. The kids posed for pictures, being adequately goofy.

Afterwards we strolled around the mall and ended up at games arcade. Lots of fun was had; even Mommy got into it!

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A Night at the Aquarium and Other Fun  


In early December, Nyan’s school class had a sleepover at the local aquarium! Here’s Nyan on his way to the event, with his overnight bag:


And some shots from the aquarium itself. There was lots of fun and lots of learning, and not very much sleep:

Here he is getting off the bus the next morning (with his pal Slothie!) and posing with his pal Arav.

Speaking of Arav: he had a birthday party in December as well. Some pictures of the two boys at the party:

Also in late December, Phwa Phwa came to visit! We’ll see much more of her in coming months, but here’s a sampling from December. With Mommy too.

And finally, we had a school performance in December. Nyan dressed up and joined his classmate for a performance playing the “melodica.” Here’s a picture and a video — you can sorta make out Nyan in the second row, just to the right of the middle, behind Arav on the guitar.


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Nyan’s Schoolmate Helena

Nyan’s a sociable creature, and he has good male friends and good female friends. Let’s take another look at one of the latter, Helena.

Helena, or Ellie, is a couple years younger and lives in the same apartment tower as us. (You’ve seen her in these pages before.) She also goes to the same school and rides the same bus to and fro as Nyan. So they spend a fair amount of time together, and are always goofing around and playing. 

Here they are one afternoon, walking back toward the apartment after getting off the bus home:

Helena has a younger sister, Isabella or Izzy, who’s about 18 months. She’s a sweet kid, and Nyan treats her well, like an older brother. The goal is usually to get Izzy to give him a high five, which she usually does. Though sometimes, as you can see, he’ll do something like help her get her shoes back on or whatnot.

Finally, some more pics from various mornings while waiting for the bus. Both Nyan and Helena are into Pokemon cards, so they are often showing each other their collections.

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Happy Birthday to Jayden!

Nyan’s bestie Jayden turned 9 years old in October. To celebrate, he hosted a bunch of friends at this treehouse obstacle course in a park not far from here in November. The kids would put on safety gear including helmets and harnesses, link in to the wire system that would keep them from falling, and do various climbing and ziplining activities at a range of heights.

Here’s Nyan getting geared up, and a shot of some of the climbing structures from the ground.

The boys are set to go! Nyan’s a little nervous at this point and needs a little encouragement but he perseveres.

And here we go…

The first stages were fairly easy and very low to the ground.

But they very quickly got quite high.

They got harder and harder, and kinda scary, but our boy did it!

Some still photos from the action:

After a sweaty morning of climbing and whatnot, it was time for food and drink

And goofing around with the other boys.

Nyan and Jayden had an afternoon playdate after the party, so there was plenty more goofing.

A really fun day! The duo got together several other times over the course of the month; here’s a bit of what they got up to.



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Another Trip to the Swim Club with Kyle

One October evening, we headed to the Singapore Swimming Club with Kyle and his family. We’ve been there several times before, of course, and it’s always great fun. It’s rare that we actually swim there, but there’s a playground, bowling, pool, restaurants, fish-feeding, video games… lots of fun!

Goofing around with a toy:

Feeding the fish:

Being silly:

And just enjoying life! (and some screen time)

Finally, the club and the pool by night…


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Fun with Friends

Long-time readers of this blog know Nyan’s bestie is Jayden. But he’s a sociable fella, and a likable young man (we like to think, most of the time), with plenty of other friends and acquaintances. Let’s look at a few more.

First up: Helena, a.k.a. Ellie. She’s a couple years younger than Nyan, lives in the same tower as us, and rides the same bus to and fro school every day. They’re good pals; Nyan’s also a big fan of Ellie’s 15-month old sister, Isabella.

Nyan and Ellie will chat-chat waiting for the bus, goof around walking back home at the end of the day, even getting together for playdates. And Isabella, well, he loves to get high-fives from her.

Then there’s Howie, who also lives in our same tower. He’s a couple years older than Nyan. They got to be pretty good friends for a while, then their relationship cooled (as these things do), but lately they’ve been hanging out again.

Of course, no look at Nyan having fun would be complete without talking about Jayden (and Jayden’s younger brother Jonnie). Here they are in various fun scenarios in September and a bit in October, including Jayden’s birthday.

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