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Of Forts, Friends and Feathered Friends

Nyan spent some time in January building a couch fort. It became a favorite place to chillax and read (or play video games):

We spent a lot of time with pals in January, as usual. There was a playdate with Oscar, Noe and Edris:

Fun times with Haowie:

And of course, sleepovers and other fun with Jayden:

And we went on many bike rides along the coast. On one of them we came across a pair of hornbills up a tree. Very cool!

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Playtime over the Holiday Break

Nyan had about three weeks off from school over the Christmas and New Years holidays. The challenge is, of course, how to keep him occupied and busy and engaged, and not just watching YouTube for four or eight or 12 hours a day! (He would if he could, I fear….) 

Happily, our boy has lots of friends, so he was able to have lots of playdates and sleepovers. 

He spent time in the pool with Ellie and with Nadia:

He played Monopoly with Hao Wei (those two also played a fair bit of Minecraft!)

There were playdate and sleepovers with Jayden, of course.

Those fun times with Jayden and Jonnie (his two brothers, we like to call them) included indoor sack races:

And indoor sack-and-dinosaur races:

And sliding-on-the-floor races:

And just general running around, boys-being-boys style:

Nyan also spent time at a week-long soccer camp with Edris. Check out those skills:

And being goofy with Edris:

Edris hung out at our place one day, and they went for a swim. Mid-swim, the heavens opened up. No worries: they were already wet, so they logically just kept playing in the rain and had a blast.

Lots of fun over the holiday break!

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Babies, Dolphins and Socks

Well, to be precise, a baby, a (stuffed) dolphin, and a sock. Singular. 

First up: new baby! Nyan’s friend Edris welcomed a brand-new baby brother, Lemar, in September. Nyan got to meet the little guy in November, and it was nice. Nyan’s always been good with babies and little kids, and this was no exception.

The official name of Nyan’s class at school is Year 5 Dolphins. (Similar to how last year he was Year 4 Penguins, and before that, Year 3 Iguanas). As with the Y3 class and the stuffed animal Iggie (check it out here), Nyan’s class this year has a stuffed dolphin as a mascot. His name is Barry, and the kids take turns bringing him home and showing him around, and taking photos. In November it was Nyan’s turn. 

Here’s Nyan and Barry in various poses: on the balcony, in the bed, playing Minecraft, meeting Grandma and Grandpa on Facetime. 

In November, as we started gearing up for Christmas, bestie Jayden’s parents informed us that Jayden had decided to sew a Christmas stocking as a gift for Nyan. Wow!

What a thoughtful gift! Nyan was very excited (and surprised) when Jayden handed it over, and it looked quite nice on our makeshift mantle (actually a bookshelf) right next to the stocking Grandma made for Nyan many years ago.

A great way to get into the early holiday spirit! 

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A Happy Birthday to Jayden

BFF Jayden turned 10 in October and threw a little party. For Nyan, it turned into a sleepover. Let’s check it out.

Here’s the whole birthday crew:

Nyan with his two brothers, Jayden and Jonnie:

Playing with the balloon:

Hugging and goofing the next day at a shopping mall:

And finally, Jayden showing off his polite-ness and being thankful for gifts. Also being calm and generous with his little brother.

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Fun with Friends, Indoors and Out

Nyan had a lot of good times with friends, both indoors and outside, during October 2020.

Such as playing in the pool with Nadia, as seen here from 20 stories up:

We had a playdate with Edris, which included reading at lunch and Lego playing:

Getting some exercise and fun at the playground with Jayden and Lily:

Nyan and Edris also spent some time at a mini soccer camp.

Here they are on a sweaty walk after camp:

And finally, some fun in the pool, and poolside, also with Edris.

Good times! 

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Fun with Jayden and Ellie

Good times with good friends in September 2020.

After school with Ellie (aka Helena), looking for grasshoppers in the foliage by the pool.

Fun in the pool with Ellie:

Screen time with Jayden:

Pillow fort on the couch with Jayden:

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Another Fun Day with Kyle

Kyle is Nyan’s oldest friend in Singapore; they met and instantly clicked at preschool way back in July 2014. It’s always a great time when we get together with Kyle and his family, and one Sunday afternoon in August was no exception. 

There were Pokemon cards:

There was lounging on the couch:

 And there was a lot of indoor basketball, featuring slo-mo slam dunks:


Got it!

Kyle’s got some serious hops too:

Mommy did some reading with younger sister Kara, and Nyan had to take part too:

Here’s some more of Mommy and Kara:

At the end of the night, Kyle’s daddy Bryan drove us home in his convertible.

Bryan showed off the car’s sound system. Nyan dug it.

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Birthday Sleepover

Nyan turned 9 years old in July. We kept the celebrations low-key, centered around a sleepover and full day of play with bestie Jayden.

They swam:

They built Legos:

We had a casual birthday dinner at a local burger joint.

And of course, they posed for goofy birthday photos.

No, it wasn’t the most action-packed birthday ever, but Nyan got to spend it with his parents and, especially, his best friend. Hard to beat that!

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Summer Break: Tennis Camp

You’ve seen how Nyan spent a good part of his truncated summer break at soccer camp with his friend Edris. He also spent five mornings at tennis camp, also with Edris.

It was held outdoors, at the tennis courts attached to a hotel downtown. We didn’t get a lot of pics or video from the lessons themselves, but here are the kids doing warm-ups one morning:

And warm-up sprints:

And just being goofy.

Here are Edris and Nyan, walking through the hotel after camp:

In fact, post-camp was surely some of the most fun of the week. We had a decent little walk from the hotel to the train, including passing through a fancy mall. They enjoyed checking out the art gallery in the mall:

The train ride home was lots of fun too. The trains were almost always just about empty, giving the boys plenty of space to goof around, look out the windows, etc. Good stuff.

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Summer Break: Fun with Friends

We had plenty of playdates during Nyan’s month-long summer break. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

We had Edris over one afternoon. They played Lego and Minecraft…

And went for a swim:

And goofed around outside:

And had dinner at Nyan’s favorite Italian restaurant.

Another time, Nyan went to Edris’s place and hung out a lot with Coconut, their dog.

We also had a playdate with Oscar and Noe, the identical twins in Nyan’s year at school.

More Minecraft, of course.

Chitchat by the pool:

And LOTS of vamping for the slo-mo camera in the pool.

And of course — of course! — we hung out with Jayden and Jonnie. Here they are, enjoying ice cream:

And enjoying a sunny, breezy day at the beach.

We’ll have more with Jayden soon, and with his other friends too. 

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