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More Fun with Friends

Some random fun times with two of Nyan’s besties in February 2022.

Guinea pigs with Jayden:

Goofing around at various restaurants:

Hanging outside on a windy day:

Of course, it’s not Nyan and Jayden without some screen time:

Fresh air, too:

A pool party and picnic with Nadia and some others:

And finally, strolling down the street with Nadia. Nadia is the taller one.

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December Fun with Jayden

(Editor’s note: we know there are a number of new viewers lately — welcome! — and we also know we are pretty late in posting. For instance, it’s June and we’re only up to December. Rest assured we’ll get caught up one day. So come back often! Or just subscribe to get emailed whenever we make a new post.)

The Christmas holidays brought three weeks off from school – and that brought lots of time for Nyan to hang out with his bestie Jayden, as well as brother Jonnie and the rest of the family. Let’s take a look. 

Some time in and around the pool:

The boys spent a fair amount of time outside, walking around fields and on abandoned rail tracks near Jayden’s place:

There was bowling too. Strike!

One evening, Jayden and his family headed for a sunset picnic near downtown, and they invited Nyan along. What great views!

We also went to the Science Center one rainy afternoon. The kids mostly ran around and ran away from the adults, so not many pictures – but we did manage this video:

And finally, Nyan spent New Year’s Eve on a sleepover at Jayden’s, at which everyone managed to stay up all the way til midnight. Much fun – and twerking – was had!

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Christmas at Kyle’s

Remember how we said our Christmas Even plans got scuttled because of some ill-timed fevers? It was Kyle and his sister who weren’t feeling well. By a few days after Christmas they were back to 100% strength so we went for a rescheduled Christmas dinner over at their place. 

Was it worth the wait? The kids sure seemed to think so: 

Little Kara is getting so big! 

We ate like kings and queens, of course:

And we posed for pictures:

A very nice afternoon and evening. At the end of it, Bryan drove us home in his convertible:

Nyan loves it with the top down:

Singapore at night:

Singapore at night, with the occasional Christmas light thrown in:

Merry Christmas!

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More Fun with Friends 

Just a quick look at Nyan and some of his friends in the month of November 2021.

He’s often in the pool with Nadia; here they are from ground level and from 20 stories up:

Hanging out with Ellie in the mornings, waiting for the school bus:

Chilling with Jayden, often while staring at a screen, for better or worse.

And a two-fer of Ellie! Thist time with Orie, a gentle old man of a dog who lives in the same apartment block as all of us.

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Christmas Warm-Up Sleepover

Not that Nyan and Jayden need an excuse or a theme for a sleepover, but an overnight in November ended up being a pre-Christmas sleepover.

We got the tree ready:

And the evening’s activity centered around gingerbread men. We bought some cookies at the store and the boys set out to decorate them.

And… eat them.

It wasn’t all about the holiday, of course. There was time to draw:

And, since both boys take piano lessons, there was some work on a duet.

Notice how Jayden is wearing an eye mask in that video? Yeah, that was a whole thing for a while: wear masks around the house and try to do stuff.

Goofy boys. But hey, they had fun, and that’s what counts! 

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Going Downhill, Fast

Singapore has an entertainment district on a near-shore island called Sentosa. It’s attached to Singapore proper by car, walkways and whatnot, and it’s got hotels, beaches, the amusement park, the aquarium, etc. And…a luge ride! Basically motorless go-carts. One day in November, Nyan went with Jayden and his family. 

You have to ride a ski lift-style cable car to get to the site. Pretty great views from up there! 

And finally, the ride itself! 

Not much more to say. I think Nyan was a little nervous ahead of time, having never done this before, but he had an absolute blast and is already making plans to return!

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Celebrating Jayden’s 11th Birthday 

Nyan’s bestie Jayden turned 11 in October, and of course Nyan joined in the celebrations.

There was cake and general goofing around:

There was a visit to local trampoline center Bounce with Jayden and another friend.

Was there a sleepover at the end of the birthday partying? Of course there was.

And there was… I guess we can call it goofy dancing? Or just being goofy? Or Nyan being Nyan? Yeah.

Good times!

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Dogs and Other Friends

Just another in our periodic check-in of Nyan with his friends. This edition features all people and canines from our apartment complex.

It’s always a good time with Nadia – whether that’s a playdate, a lunch date, or a mini-picnic with Nadia and a few other friends.

And finally. Do we love dogs? We do. The little one is Lemon, who belongs to another classmate who gets off the bus with Nyan; the other is a random golden retriever we met outside the complex one night. Sweet pup.

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Bounce and Spin and Flip 

Nyan made a few visits to a local trampoline park called Bounce, along with Jayden and Jonnie. Great exercise and great fun. Let’s take a look!

Some good height and good spins:

More jumps, pushing through a slightly sore back (don’t worry, he was fine):


Some really great height here:

Finally, you can hear Jayden explaining to his mom, the cameraman, how the boys had assigned themselves roles. Jayden’s the flipper, Nyan’s the high jumper, and Jonnie is the flipper-in-training!

Fun times!

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Nyan and His Friends

We post a lot of pictures of Nyan and his friends. How about some more! 

Here he is with Jayden (and yes, there was a sleepover):

Walking home from school with Helena:

Hanging out with Nadia, including celebrating her birthday:

Video games with Haowie:

And finally: more Nadia – goofing and dancing.

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