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Video du jour: Drawer

In which Nyan Thomas sits in a drawer. Yes, he opened the drawer and climbed in. Then took off his sock. Then he climbed out and closed the drawer.

What can we say, the kid’s got skills!

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Today’s video: Happy Birthday Boy

Nyan Thomas turned 15 months old today, Oct. 26. Here’s a quick video of a happy young man, hanging out in his high chair after a big dinner. You don’t actually see Mommy or Daddy in this one, but you can hear them trying to entertain the young man, either by tossing crinkly bags in the air (he loves that, sometimes) or playing peek-a-boo, using the high chair tray to hide behind. The little pumpkin loves that, too. Enjoy!

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Halloween Party! (with pictures and videos)

Today was the annual Halloween party at Nyan’s nursery (aka daycare), and all the parents were invited to stop by in the mid afternoon. So we did – and we made sure that our young man had a proper Halloween costume, too. It was a big room with maybe 30 kids from age 1 to 5 or so, and about as many parents. There were songs, snacks, and general playtime. Best of all, if we do say so ourselves, was Nyan’s costume. Check out the slideshow of pictures… not to mention the videos below… Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Photos: Storytime

We try to be good parents, and part of that is making sure we read to Nyan whenever possible. We’re pleased to report that he seems to enjoy books; he can’t read, of course, but he likes turning pages, and recently has shown more interest in the actual pictures. And he will sometimes even sit still for a few minute while we read to him! Positive signs, we’d say.

Without further ado, here are a few pictures of the young man, just before bedtime this evening, getting a little reading time in with Mommy.

(Click any photo to start a slideshow)

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Photo du jour: Cookie!

The young man is greatly enjoying nibbling on the Halloween biscuit that he made at nursery today… check out that smile!

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Today’s Video: Dinnertime

In which Nyan Thomas bangs a spoon, babbles and gurgles, chews a spoon, tries (and sort of succeeds) to feed himself, and generally shows why mealtime is always a fun, messy, long-lasting event.

And if you want to see how far we’ve come, or if you’re just in the mood to reminisce, check out this video from his very first ever solid food. And there’s this post with a trio of feeding time videos from last winter, and this post,¬†with a pair of videos from April and over the summer, featuring Nyan Thomas doing more playing than eating.

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Quick Medical Update (Nothing Serious)

It’s becoming abundantly clear that this is how it’s gonna be: an ongoing series of small medical hiccups – slight colds, mild teething-induced fevers, this and that. It’s also clear that, as Nyan Thomas spends his days in nursery, he’s going to bring home all sorts of little bugs and viruses, and – because he has learned to share – he’ll share them with Mommy and Daddy, who will themselves spend this entire fall and winter always feeling like they’re fighting something off. (Of course, they also ride the extremely crowded Central Line tube at rush hour, and people being people, there’s often someone who coughs or sneezes without covering their damn mouth. C’mon, people!)

But I digress. Nyan is fine overall, but the past few days he’s been suffering from a common ailment: Read the rest of this entry »

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