Quick Medical Update (Nothing Serious)

20 Oct

It’s becoming abundantly clear that this is how it’s gonna be: an ongoing series of small medical hiccups – slight colds, mild teething-induced fevers, this and that. It’s also clear that, as Nyan Thomas spends his days in nursery, he’s going to bring home all sorts of little bugs and viruses, and – because he has learned to share – he’ll share them with Mommy and Daddy, who will themselves spend this entire fall and winter always feeling like they’re fighting something off. (Of course, they also ride the extremely crowded Central Line tube at rush hour, and people being people, there’s often someone who coughs or sneezes without covering their damn mouth. C’mon, people!)

But I digress. Nyan is fine overall, but the past few days he’s been suffering from a common ailment:

Conjunctivitis. A.k.a. pinkeye, but in his case, there’s no pink, just lots of mucus and gunk coming out of his eyes, and crusting up overnight, and making his eyes a little puffy. It’s bacterial conjunctivitis – not viral – and it’s on its way out. But we got him some drops to help speed the recovery process. He’s been in no discomfort; he’s been his usual happy jolly self this week (though I note that when we wake him up to get him ready go to to nursery, he’s grumpy as all get out; takes after his parents  – and most people, I suppose – in that respect. But after a few minutes, he’s wide awake and cheery and cuddly and loving as ever). He just hasn’t looked 100%.

Conjunctivitis is contagious, of course, and it’s possible that Mommy and Daddy have picked up a touch of it themselves; they’ve noticed a bit of crusty gunk around their eyes themselves. Oh boy.

We’re hoping that between the eye drops and the humidifiers we’re hooking up all over the house, we’ll all be back in fine form in no time. We also hope the humidifiers will help us all fight off the various bugs that go around. It’s amazing, for as damp and rainy as this town has been for the past few weeks (months?), that the air – in this house at least – is pretty dry.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more medical problems coming up; hopefully they’re all as straightforward and not-serious as this one. Fingers crossed.


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