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A Visit from Grandma and Aunt Maggie!

We’re a bit late with this one; apologies, but it’s been a busy month. Nevertheless: in late January, young Nyan Thomas got a visit from Grandma L. and Aunt Maggie. Maggie could only stay a couple days, but Grandma got to stay for nearly a week. Let’s look at some pictures…

Grandma and our little guy:

Playtime with Aunt Maggie:

Uncle Scott didn’t make it this time, but he was there in spirit, as he and Maggie sent Nyan, for Christmas, a hand-made rocking horse (among other things). Awesome! And the boy LOVES it:

Aunt Maggie got to give the boy a bath. (Yes, we make all of our houseguests give our son a bath. Hey, when you consider how much our guests save in  hotel costs, it’s worth it, no? And no one, least of all Nyan, seems to really mind…)

Lots of cuddle time too.

It’s been a relatively mild winter, which means Grandma got to stroll the mean streets of Brooklyn with our boy:

And of course, the boy loves his cuddles.

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Seven Months!

Our boy is seven months old today. Here are a few recent pics:

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Today’s photo: good morning!

Just a quick snapshot of a happy little guy from earlier this morning.

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Today’s photos: Photo shoot!

We celebrated Presidents Day by taking Nyan Thomas to a nearby Sears Portrait Studio. Here’s a sample of the results.

Click to enlarge any and all of these, including this one. See those two white specks along his lower lip? Teeth!


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Today’s photo: Breakfast (plus 2 important updates)

A couple quick updates: teething is proceeding right on schedule, with a confirmed two teeth now clearly visible on the bottom (and I think perhaps we can feel more coming in), and possibly some up on top getting ready to come in as well. Poor guy has been having teething pains, mostly in the middle of the night, but he’s a trooper, aided by lots of comforting from his sleepless parents and the occasional application of teething gel.

More importantly: the young man is figuring out how to crawl – and Sunday afternoon, he actually got it! Butt up in the air, propped up on his front arms, he scooted forward! It was a legitimate crawl, though just a one-time deal. But he did it again this morning. It won’t be long until he figures out how (or builds the strength) to do it for extended periods. At that point, of course, the entire apartment will be up for grabs. We’re still not sure how we’ll deal with that; the kid has boundless energy, and we can just imagine the hijinx he’s about to get into…

And here’s today’s photo, taken at breakfast this morning. He decided he wanted to hold the spoon and feed himself. Results, as you can see, were less than ideal, but it’s a start. (He grabbed it with his left hand; will he be a southpaw?)

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Monthly Update

The most recent in a series of photos of young Nyan Thomas and Mommy, taken at (roughly) the start of each month.

Click to enlarge; notice how the expression on his face – what the Brits I think would call ‘cheekiness’ – is there almost from the very beginning! Yes, this kid is going to be a handful. But in a charming and adorable way, we think.

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Two Videos: Learning to Crawl; Cow Pt 2

First up: our hero tries to crawl. He’s so close to actually doing it; he wants it so bad; he just can’t get over that hump. But soon.

Part of the problem is that we have very slick hardwood floors, which keeps him from getting any traction. We can put our hands behind him, giving him someplace solid to push off of as he scoots himself forward. Not quite crawling, but it gets him moving at least.

(We’re of two minds when it comes to him crawling, if we’re to be honest. Of course it’ll be a monumental achievement, an important part of his development, etc. But we also know that once he figure it out, he’s gonna be just all over the place. If we think we’re exhausted keeping up with him now, just wait ‘til he’s actually mobile…)

Today’s second video feature is young Nyan Thomas hanging out on the bed, chatting with his friend Beau the Bull, reaching for his pink dummy (pacifier), and just being himself. Enjoy!


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Today’s video: Nyan Thomas in Alleged Repose

We recently got a video monitor (supplanting the audio-only one we’d been using for the last six months). What a difference! Best purchase ever, maybe.

It shoots in infrared so we can see him crystal clear even when his room is pitch black. Very cool. It also plays funky tricks with colors, like his eyes. And it has a function where you can record the video image! Here, then, are a couple of brief clips of Nyan in bed. Trying to sleep, fussing, flopping around, vamping for the camera. Not a whole lot happens, but we think it’s kinda cool.



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