A Trip to the Science Center

05 Mar

One lazy Saturday February afternoon, Daddy and Nyan decided to visit the Singapore Science Center. It’s a kid-friendly place filled wit exhibits, hands-on activities, demonstrations and interactive displays about all kinds of science. We’d been once before, soon after we moved to Singapore, and were less than impressed, but it turns out Nyan may have simply been too young, as he had an absolute blast this time around. 

The mirrored optical illusions and psychedelic video displays were cool:

Nyan was impressed by the bust of famed cosmonaut Yuri Gargarin (first human to travel into outer space, as Nyan has known for years!).

The hall-of-mirrors maze was a lot of fun, even if it did take us a while to find our way out!

Nyan loved to stomp on the digital floor fish:

And there was an escape room of sorts, except you were inside a crippled spacecraft and had to solve logic puzzles to fix the engine, get the oxygen flowing again, etc. Fun!

But the best part of the trip, in Nyan’s mind at least, was this. Sorry, but what 8 year old can resist a visit to the … Cheeky Fart Chamber??

Well, it was educational and it was science, and Nyan loved it. What can you do.

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