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Summer Break: Riding a Bike

We got Nyan a bike with training wheels several years ago, and a while back we took off those training wheels and Daddy tried to teach him to ride down in the basement parking garage. It was not a success. Many months later Daddy thought he’d buy Nyan a real bike and take him to a park where he could ride on the grass — soft in case he crashed. But then the coronavirus came and… yeah. Didn’t happen.

Once Singapore came out of lockdown in June, bike lessons were a top priority for us. But we got smart: we outsourced! Found a local company that does lessons, booked a lesson (actually two lessons, a Saturday morning and a Sunday morning) and off we went.

It was a complete and total success.

First step was learning to balance. Piece of cake.

And then… he was riding. Pretty much just like that – within half an hour of the lesson starting. Impressive! We took a lot of video; here are just a few.

By the way, the lesson was held under a freeway bridge going over the bay. Made for nice views!

We went back for the second day of lessons. Not really necessary, but it made him get even better.

Then it was time to buy his own bike! We stopped by the local sporting goods store where he showed off his chops by riding through the store. (It’s fine; they encourage it.)

In the end, we ordered a bike online as an early birthday present. They delivered it one Sunday evening.

We took it out for a spin around the pool right away:

And many times over the following days and weeks.

It wasn’t long before it became a weekend routine for Daddy and Nyan to take long, leisurely bike rides along the waterfront. Very proud of our boy! 

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