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Live Music on a School Night

Nyan’s daddy has been playing in a rock band for a little while now, and one weeknight in May, his band had its first-ever live performance. Mommy and Nyan were there, of course; Jayden showed up with his family too!

Nyan gave himself a front-row seat and had a great time. But he arguably had even more fun hanging out with Jayden, hanging out with Daddy and Mommy before the performance, and watching the bar TV which was showing a muted video of Mr Bean.

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Nyan Thomas Reads to Daddy

In which our hero visits his personal library, pulls down a book about the human body (or ‘robot’ as he says repeatedly) and goes through the diagrams with Daddy. Special guest appearances by a talking skeleton and Bob the Builder.

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In which our hero laughs, and laughs, and laughs some more.

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A Young Man Walks Into a Daddy (Videos)

Daddy’s a big fan of these two videos, and it’s not hard to see why. First up, our hero wanders around the house in a state of half-undress, pre-bath. And eventually runs right into Daddy and collapses in Daddy’s lap:


The next day, Nyan took a stroll on a cool, sunny spring day, and at the end… ran up to Daddy for a big ol’ hug:


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Today’s Photos: A Boy and his Daddy

Inspired by the ever-popular series of posts that show Mommy holding Nyan at various stages in his life, we here at Nyan Thomas World Headquarters dug through our musty archives and pulled out a bunch of photos of Nyan sitting on Daddy’s lap in the chair. Mostly from the first few months of Nyan’s life, topped off with one from just the other day. My how he’s grown!

We present this to you in two formats: first, all of the photos together in one big photo (click to make it big).


And here’s a slideshow, which should scroll through each photo individually. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Today’s Videos: Colors

Here we have our hero (with his Daddy) going through one of his favorite books, all about colors. It’s got pages devoted to various colors (silver, brown, gold, purple, red, etc) and a whole bunch of pictures of things that match that particular color. He’s loved this book for months now, and never seems to get bored with it. It’s been great to teach him various items, animals, and whatnot; he’s still not quite grasping the concept of color itself, but I think he’s starting to get it.

His thing, as you can see, is to point to one of the objects and demand that Mommy or Daddy tell him what it is.

One thing that you don’t see in these videos is that he is, more and more, able to ID the items himself. For instance, I’ll say ‘Where’s the apple?’ and after a moment or two, he’ll point to the apple. It’s especially endearing with certain words; tell him ‘Show me the lion’ and he’ll point to a picture of a lion and let out a big roar as well. We’ll try to capture some video of that one of these days. For now, enjoy this second video of the boy and his colors (with a special bonus of a runny nose too!)

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Today’s Video: Groceries

We’ve got a few House Rules here at Nyan Thomas World Headquarters. Three, in fact. And House Rule Number Three is: Teamwork. This weekend, our boy showed that he’s definitely got House Rule Number Three down pat. Here he is, helping to unload the groceries.


(The challenge will be, of course, keeping him a believer in House Rule Number Three when he gets to be a little older… but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it…)

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