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Holiday in Cambodia

We’ve said before that one of the great things about living in Singapore is that it’s easy to jet away to all sorts of spectacular places. In late April, we did just that with a weekend trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, home to the famous Angkor Wat and other thousand-year-old temples deep in the jungle.

Most famous is Angkor Wat itsslef, a UNESCO World Heritage site and, in fact, the largest religious monument in the world. It’s 162 hectares — thanks, Wikipedia! — and comprises a moat and numerous stone buildings, plus lots of open space.

This video gives a hint at the size:

And that’s just one small section of the place, just outside the main temple.

Here are a bunch of photos from in and around Angkor Wat. Click on any photo to enlarge it – and trust us, it’s worth it! A very photogenic place.

Just up the road is Angkor Thom, an ancient walled city with numerous old temples and monuments inside. It was the capital of the Khmer empire and established around 900 years ago.

This was our second stop on the day, and to be honest, we were a little worried that Nyan’s attention would quickly lag. There wasn’t a lot to actually *do* at these places besides walk around and ooh and ahh and be amazed at the sculptures and architecture. But Nyan was a trooper and was really into it! Here we are exploring around Angkor Thom, including a few shots of the moat outside the wall and the wall itself.

As awesome as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom were, Ta Prohm was definitely Daddy’s favorite temple. Unlike the other two, officials have made a conscious choice not to do much if any restoration work here, so there are tumbled-down stones everywhere and, most stunningly, huge jungle trees and vines crawling all over everything. So beautiful.

The trip wasn’t all temple trekking though. We also spent some time in our hotel’s very nice swimming pool.

And maybe the highlight of the trip, for Nyan at least, was the tuk-tuk rides we took around town.

Finally, random shots from the trip. Including one of Nyan, before the flight, wearing a toy crown he had made at school. He slapped it on and took to calling himself the “King of Cambodia.” Alright then.

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Return to Myanmar

In early March, Nyan and Mommy joined Phwa Phwa and Uncle Nyi-Nyi for a short visit to Yangon, Myanmar. It was definitely a trip they will never forget, since both Mommy and Nyan caught some sort of stomach bug and spent a fair amount of time convalescing in their hotel room!

Still, they managed to see some temples — including the famous Shwedagon Pagoda — and hang out with various aunties and cousins, including Nyan’s favorite Kiki.

Some of the temples:

Nyan was really into the bells:


And the incense too:

And just hanging out with his young cousin Htun Htun:

And finally some random shots from around Yangon:

So you can see, they managed to have a good time in spite of the sickness. Next time we will all stay healthy and see more of the country!

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Fun in Phuket – Part Two

In our last post, we looked at our time at the beach and the resort during our trip to Phuket, Thailand in late December 2016. Here, we take a look at some specific things we got up to.

We stayed in the town of Karon, which was a short drive away from the tourist hub of Patong, which is jam-packed and overcrowded, and is also home to a red-light district. We popped over to Patong one evening for some dinner and sightseeing.

First, Nyan and Daddy found an Irish pub – complete with American craft beers on tap – and had some dinner while Mommy had a massage. The pub was quite empty but had a stage area that was set up for a singer later in the evening. Nyan took advantage of it being empty and hopped on the stage.

He also tried his hand at some free dancing on the dance floor.

We also took a family stroll up Bangla Road, the heart of the red light district. It was still early, so not too rowdy. Nyan got some attention from some of the ladies of the night, but it was all innocent. We think.


We got to drive in an open-air tuk-tuk on the way back to the resort.

One of our favorite activities on Phuket was an afternoon spent at Dino Golf. It’s a miniature golf course with a dinosaur theme. Lots of fiberglass dinos poking their heads out of the jungle foliage, plus holes that went through volcanos or over fallen logs. Pretty fun!

One thing we learned: none of us are very good at mini golf. Oh well.

Another day we went to visit the Big Buddha, which is – you guessed it – a Buddha statue, high on a ridge overlooking the entire island, that is quite big. Impressive.

The views are pretty amazing as well.

Underneath the statue are a lot of shrines you can pray to. Here’s Nyan, trying his hand at it.

It’s still under construction, and to raise money, they let you write your name on a tile that will one day be installed on the site, in exchange for a donation.

Those are the highlights from our trip to Phuket. It’s a fine enough place, though to be honest, not one we’re likely to rush back to. A bit crowded, and nothing really special enough to make it worth a return visit, we felt. Still, a good time, and a nice way to cap off 2016.

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Fun in Phuket – Part One


During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, we flew a couple hours north to Phuket, the resort island off the mainland of Thailand. It was crowded, packed with tourists from Russia and elsewhere, but we stayed out of the heart of the tourist zone so managed to enjoy ourselves. Here’s a look at what we got up to.

We spent a great deal of time on the beach – specifically Karon Beach, right across the road from our hotel. It was lovely and pretty clean, with great sunset views and sand that was perfect for building things in.

Here are some random shots from around the island, including Nyan riding in the back of a tuk-tuk  and getting some love from one of the Burmese girls working at a seafront restaurant that we frequented

The resort we stayed at had several swimming pools – one with a water slide – plus a kid’s club area, rock paths that a curious five year old liked to examine using his new night-vision goggles, and more. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the young man, bouncing around inside the kid’s club

Finally, some shots from the traveling. Hanging out with Pikachu at the airport, waiting in line for passport control, and passed out on the bed after flights and car rides to the hotel.

Next up: More pictures and videos from around Phuket .

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Nyan Thomas, Airport Aficionado

We spent a lot of times at various airports this summer and fall as we flew from Singapore to London to Detroit to Iowa, and then reversed ourselves and flew back the other way. A few shots from the long, long journey:

The flight from Singapore to London Heathrow. It was about 14 and a half hours. Despite catching a little can nap, we still got a little loopy by the end of it.

Chilling at the car rental place with all our luggage, waiting for our car to be ready:

At Heathrow, watching the planes as we wait for our flight to the US:


Post-transatlantic flight, passed out at the Detroit airport. Jet lag!

And finally, weeks later, back home at Singapore’s Changi Airport after a long two days of travel:

Welcome home, world traveler!

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Nyan and Bunky. And Adam too.

One of the highlights of our trip to England in August was getting to catch up with family and friends. For Nyan, that meant getting to hang with Elizabeth – a.k.a. Bunky – and Adam.

Elizabeth was quite small when we moved away from England, but she and Nyan took to each other on this trip like they’d been BFF forever. Possibly because their two Mommies have been BFF forever. In any case, Bunky live in a centuries-old house on a big plot of land in rural Essex County, with lots of room to run around outside and play. So they did.

Bunky’s Daddy Chris tried to teach Nyan how to kick a ball. Er, still got a ways to go, I’m afraid:

Some lovely mommies posing with their lovely babies:

On another day at Bunky’s place, Adam and Daniel came by. More fun and hilarity ensued.

And on yet another day, Daddy and Nyan met Bunky, Sharon and Sharon’s mom at a nature reserve outside of Colchester for pond dipping — where you pull water out of a pond and check to see what creepy crawlies live in the water — and running around outside.

As you can see, we had pretty good weather nearly every day of our visit. Good weather, good friends, good times!


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Nyan Thomas Does London

Long-time readers know that Nyan used to live in London, in a lovely and leafy area on the edge of the city called Wanstead. We returned to the UK this August for the first time since leaving more than two years ago, so we made sure to pop by the old ‘hood for some reminiscing, catching up with friends, and playing at the old playground.

We of course had to check out our former homes on Overton Drive and Fitzgerald Road, as well as his first school, Little Bears on Seagry Road:

We hung out with our friends Scott and Anya, checked out the scenery, ate at some of our old faves.

Nyan didn’t seem to remember everything about Wanstead, but he was certainly happy to be there, even if he was just skipping along and running through the grass.

All in all, a nice way to spend a (cloudy, of course) Sunday afternoon. After that it was a Tube ride into the city to take Nyan on his first-ever visit to the famed British Museum.

He did very well at the museum — was fascinated by the samurai warriors, some of the statues, and especially the Egyptian mummies. He also enjoyed just sprawling on the marble floor of the main entrance hall and drawing in his book.

We visited London on another (sunnier) day, along with Mommy and Phwa Phwa. Mostly checking out the olde tyme splendor of the City and the area near St Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Exchange.

On yet another sunny day (we did have pretty good weather the whole time we were in England), we visited the old market town of Saffron Walden. Had a pub lunch, wandered the streets, found a Nyan-sized house. All good.

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