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Random Fun in November 2020

Just a quick look at some random moments from the month of November 2020. Like these “epic” (Nyan’s words) videos of three friends, play-fighting on a Friday night. Very hyper after a long week of school!

Some random photos:

More friendly fighting:

More pictures

And finally: just a pile of stuffed animals, nothing more.

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Babies, Dolphins and Socks

Well, to be precise, a baby, a (stuffed) dolphin, and a sock. Singular. 

First up: new baby! Nyan’s friend Edris welcomed a brand-new baby brother, Lemar, in September. Nyan got to meet the little guy in November, and it was nice. Nyan’s always been good with babies and little kids, and this was no exception.

The official name of Nyan’s class at school is Year 5 Dolphins. (Similar to how last year he was Year 4 Penguins, and before that, Year 3 Iguanas). As with the Y3 class and the stuffed animal Iggie (check it out here), Nyan’s class this year has a stuffed dolphin as a mascot. His name is Barry, and the kids take turns bringing him home and showing him around, and taking photos. In November it was Nyan’s turn. 

Here’s Nyan and Barry in various poses: on the balcony, in the bed, playing Minecraft, meeting Grandma and Grandpa on Facetime. 

In November, as we started gearing up for Christmas, bestie Jayden’s parents informed us that Jayden had decided to sew a Christmas stocking as a gift for Nyan. Wow!

What a thoughtful gift! Nyan was very excited (and surprised) when Jayden handed it over, and it looked quite nice on our makeshift mantle (actually a bookshelf) right next to the stocking Grandma made for Nyan many years ago.

A great way to get into the early holiday spirit! 

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An Afternoon in an Urban Garden

One weekend in November, Mommy signed up herself and Nyan for an urban gardening workshop, to get back in touch with their green thumbs.

They learned about different types of plants, planting techniques, and more. And it was hands-on! Lots of digging and planting — with several planters full of plants that came home and are now happily growing on our sunny balcony.

The instructors were friendly.

It wasn’t just inside though — there were lessons outside too. And chickens!

(Okay, yes, we know, technically that’s a rooster.)

Regardless, it was a fun and worthwhile way to spend an afternoon!

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