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December Fun and Games

Random shots and video from the final month of 2018:

One afternoon, down by the pool, we ran into the little two-year-old girl who lives across the hall. She was on her way to the playground, so Nyan decided to play Big Brother and play with her a bit. It was a nice blast from the past, returning to the playground where he used to play every single night.

More photos:

Lego robotics:

Still more photos:

And finally, a trio of videos showing our boy at his happy-footed best.



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Music and Dance!

You’ve seen many times that Nyan loves music, and loves to dance. Wanna see some more? Here you go!

Watching the Singapore National Day celebrations on TV, dancing along to the music:

He’s become a huge fan of the band Foo Fighters, a song called The Pretender in particular. Nice air-guitar and air-drumming skills on display here:

Same song, different day. Definitely showing some drumming chops:

He even likes to practice his dance moves at his favorite cafe, Batty Fluffy Flaps!

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Omelettes, Lego Robots and More

Nyan’s life is often a moveable feast, with lots of different dishes for him to try every day. Places to travel, museums to visit, friends to hang out with, books to read, sometimes even actual new food dishes to try! Here’s a look at a few dishes from his daily feast.

Let’s start with an actual dish. At school one day, they made Spanish omelettes (egg, cheese, potato, onion) and Nyan ate and enjoyed it! This is a very positive development, given how he claims to dislike eggs (truth is, he never would try them prior to this). Of course, he still won’t eat eggs even after this breakthrough. But, whatever: baby steps.

Shall we check in again on Lego robotics class? He’s in a Saturday morning class now (rather than Saturday afternoon) with a few more kids. Still enjoying it. Here he is showing off his recent creations, including an X-wing fighter from Star Wars, and a model of the Solar System, with the planets spinning around the sun. Sure, he follows instructions to build these, but still pretty amazing, we think.

He’s creative when he’s just freestyling, too: check out these drawings. To reuse a phrase: pretty amazing. (Click on the pics to enlarge. It’s worth it, we think.)

Finally, amazing in a different sort of way: our hero, dancing machine.

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Dancing King

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of evidence of Nyan’s dancing prowess. Here’s some more.

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Saturday Morning Dance Party

Our boy loves music. And he loves to dance. And on a lazy Saturday (or maybe it was a Sunday?) morning, there’s nothing better than throwing on some tunes and letting Nyan bounce, twirl and bump his way around the apartment. Enjoy!


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Pearly Shells: School Concert 2016

Every autumn, Nyan’s school puts on a song-and-dance concert at a local auditorium. In 2015, Nyan wasn’t exactly the star of the show… well, he was in a sense, but only in the sense of everyone was looking at him because he just stood there glowering on the stage, not moving or singing. (You can reminisce here.)

But this past November, there was no such problem. He was awesome. Check out this official video of the performance. (Note that there’s 90 seconds or so of introductory remarks before the fun kicks in).

Some stills from that performance:

There was also a finale piece, featuring all the kids from all the schools taking part:

Everyone was all aglow afterwards:

And some more backstage pictures, also featuring the proud parents:

Finally, a couple more videos of the performances. The ones above are the ‘official’ videos — these were shot by Daddy and so focus solely on Nyan. The quality isn’t quite as good either, but still worth a look:


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Shadow Dancing

One of Nyan’s more recent fascinations is his shadow. To that end, one of his current favorite things to do is to run along under the street lights and watch his shadow, or more often just stand there and make silly motions to watch what his shadow does. He also asks why his shadow doesn’t have eyes. Here are a couple of recent episodes.

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All the Latest Dance Moves

As regular readers know, Nyan Thomas loves to dance. (If by ‘dance’ you mean ‘randomly throw his limbs around while running around the room, somewhat in time to music playing in the background.’ Hey, the kid’s happy, and that’s what counts!) Here is is a few weeks ago, showing off his latest moves. Which, again, is mostly him randomly throwing his limbs around while running around the room. But, yet again, the kid’s happy, so it’s all good.


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A few weeks back, we were all having dinner at a local shopping mall when this 18-month-old boy came up to Nyan. They checked each other out, and then Nyan started dancing. Then the kid started dancing. Before we knew it we had an old-fashioned dance-off going on!

I’m not sure who won. See what you think:

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Sunday Morning Music

It was a musical Sunday morning at Nyan Thomas World Headquarters, with Bowie playing on the radio and a visiting Uncle Jeff fashioning a microphone out of aluminum foil. Did Nyan enjoy it? He did. Especially since the song playing was all about one of Nyan’s current interests: space.


And here the boy spends about four straight minutes running around in circles, intentionally making himself dizzy. Silly boy:

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