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Photo of the Day: Tractor

Nyan keeps his riding tractor on our balcony. Here it is.


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Flashback: Expressions

Trying out a new technology; assuming it works, here’s a quick progression of Nyan showing off his various facial expressions, three days old.


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Happy Birthday!

Our boy is three years old today. Here he is in July from 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.


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Photo of the Day: Cat in the Hat

You know the Cat in the Hat, right? The Dr Suess story? We’ve been reading that quite a bit lately. You know how the cat has a big floppy hat on his head? Well, the other day, Nyan grabbed a water bottle, placed it on his head, and said ‘I’m the Cat in the Hat! And sure enough, the bottle kinda sorta does look like the hat from the book! Kind of. Either we’re overly impressed with our offspring (quite possible, we admit) or the kid’s got a splendid imagination.


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Photo of the Day: Swimming with Mommy

Just a Mommy and her boy, floating along without a care in the world.


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New Friends

We’re extremely pleased to report that Nyan has started to make some new pals here in Singapore. After two months of hanging out with Daddy pretty much non stop, the poor kid, he’s now got some friends at his new school, and he’s started to pal around with kids here in the apartment complex too. The complex is five 21-story towers, built around a series of swimming pools and playground. On weekends and in the evening, the place is heaving with kids. The other day, Nyan noticed that one of the kids, a fella maybe six months younger than Nyan (his name’s Aiden, but they call him Danny Boy for some reason), had a plastic digger or bulldozer or the like. So Nyan went upstairs, got his own plastic digger, and went up to the little boy to share and play. And they were off to the races.


Later they moved over to the playground, where Nyan and Danny set up a shop, just like Nyan used to do back in Wanstead:

Danny’s older brother was there as well.

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Now, almost every day when Daddy and Nyan walk home from school, Nyan peels his eyes for Danny Boy. If he sees him, Nyan will run up to him, and then it’s a good hour before we’re able to get Nyan upstairs for dinner. But that’s perfectly fine! Here they are on another day, climbing up the jungle gym.

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Photo of the Day: Nyan and Aiden

An old university friend of Beatrice’s, Brian, is from Singapore and lives now in Shanghai. He, his wife and their five year old son were visiting recently, so we all got together for an afternoon of dining and wandering around Singapore. Nyan and Aiden are two peas in a pod – energetic, boisterous, total boy’s boys. They got along great. Here they are in a moment (just a moment) of quiet reflection, looking at a cactus I do believe.


Bonus photo: Nyan got a hold of someone’s camera, somehow. Here he is waiting for just the right moment to snap his next masterpiece.


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