Nyan Thomas, Kung Fu Master

21 Jul

Well, not quite. But he’s been going to a kung fu-for-toddlers class for a few weeks now. It’s every Sunday morning, about a 10 minute walk from our apartment, just off the beachfront park (which means we often end a kung fu session with a trip to the beach, to watch the ships in the harbor and catch some ocean breezes. Life is good). He enjoys the classes for the most part, though he does lack a certain, shall we say, focus. And the motor skills to do a lot of the activities. But more often than not, he tries, and seems to have fun. Here, then, a bunch of videos from recent weeks, showing off his moves, or lack thereof.

Of course, it’s important to stretch before exercise. (Shot via a mirror, hence the low quality):


There’s a lot of exercises that call for Nyan to run up to the teacher and punch or kick various things. Let’s just say he’s got some work to do


But at least he’s enthusiastic:


One of Nyan’s favorite activities is where he has to scale a wall, swing his legs over, and drop down on the other side. Fun to watch too:


There are somersaults too, which Nyan also enjoys:


And finally, here’s Nyan putting his kung fu skills to work on the streets. Or at a shopping mall food court. Same idea:



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