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Our Hero Catches Covid

Two-plus years of caution, semi-isolation, mask-wearing, vaccinations and boosters, and yet – our hero somehow managed to catch a case of Covid in March 2022. We suspect he picked it up at school, though who can say for sure? 

It thankfully was very mild: one morning of a slight sore throat and a headache, mostly. But it was enough to knock him out of commission for a week, isolating in Mommy and Daddy’s room, with plenty of time for Youtube, Netflix and Nintendo. While being waited on hand and foot by his parents, bringing him all of his meals in bed.

And somehow, Mommy and Daddy managed to not catch it – we’re still not sure how. 

Not that anyone wants to get Covid, of course, but this wasn’t bad. After a few days he was feeling 100%, but that darn test kept showing the faint line, so we kept up the protocols. 

Finally, after a week, we got the green light to leave the house. We took it very easy, just a slow afternoon stroll down to the beach for some fresh air and people watching.

Could have been a lot worse, but we hope it never is.

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Sick Day, Basketball, and Learning to Swim

One day in mid-November, Nyan took the day off from school and went to the aquarium with Grandma and Grandpa. He wasn’t feeling that well, so they came home early. A couple hours later, during dinner, he got sick! Poor little guy. He started being feverish a couple hours later; he’d caught a virus! So the next day he called in sick to school and spent most of the day sleeping.

He did manage to get up later in the day for some light food and light reading.

By the next day, the fever was gone and he seemed fine, though we kept him home just to be sure. By the afternoon, he was full of beans and life. Whew. Just a quick 24-hour virus, apparently.

Another day during November, we took Grandma and Grandpa to a Singapore Slingers basketball game. It was, in fact, their opening game of the season, and a fun time was had by all! Even though the team lost.

We also did some swimming during the month, including a lesson with Pang:

Nyan also decided to become a swim instructor himself, helpfully giving extensive tips to Mommy while she swam.

Well done, Teacher Nyan!

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Back to the Dentist

It’s been six months since Nyan’s last (and first) visit to the dentist, so the other day, we all went back for a check up, first thing on a Saturday morning. We’re happy to report that everyone’s teeth and gums are in fine shape; we’re even happier to report that Nyan was absolutely fine with the whole thing.

Not that we had any doubt, actually.

After Nyan’s exam and cleaning, he waited patiently in the waiting room while Mommy had her turn. It was filled with books and toys and the like, so Nyan was kept entertained.

Not a bad way to start the day.

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The Dentist

A few weeks back, all three of us went to see the dentist for general cleaning and check-ups. Nyan’s first! He was a trooper – though he did seem to hold on to Mommy’s hand a bit harder than usual. Still, it’s all good – his teeth were cavity free, and only took a little bit of cleaning to get the gunk off. Well done, little guy.

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Health Update: Easter Blues

We hinted in an earlier post that Nyan’s Easter Weekend wasn’t all it could have been. Indeed. A quick recap, after a photo of a happy guy.


Easter was a four-day weekend here, and 75 percent of it was great. There were museums, visits with friends and family, swimming lessons, cuddles with Mommy and Daddy, and lots of just Nyan being Nyan. And then came Easter Monday.

The day started fine, albeit with a bit of a cough. Around 2pm, the cough was getting worse, and he felt slightly feverish. By 4:30 he was very hot to the touch and had lost all enthusiasm and energy – a sure sign that something wasn’t right. We got out a cheap drugstore thermometer and learned that his temperature was… 105.6 degrees F, or 40.9 C. What?? No way, gotta be wrong, Daddy thought. So we tested it again. Same thing. Cue the mad dash to the emergency room. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nyan Had a Bad Week

The poor little guy. It started last Saturday; Mommy took him to Colchester and he was just not his usual happy jolly self. A little grumpy, a little less energetic than usual. We chalked it up to just one of those days.

But then, Sunday morning, he woke up as usual; Daddy fed him some breakfast and all seemed well. But not long after that, as he walked around Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom…. up came his breakfast, and then some. Seriously massive puking, all over the place. Poor Nyan. We got him cleaned up a bit… and he puked again. This happened a couple more times over the next couple of hours; eventually there was no more food left, and he was puking up just brown bile. He was freaked out too – likely by the acids burning his throat on their way up, and just by this new experience, since he’d never really puked before, other than burping up some milk here and there – and he felt slightly feverish and quite limp as well. We gave him a little bit of water with some sugar in it, just to rehydrate him; but that came right back up as well.

That was it; we strapped him into his car seat and headed for the emergency room. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reading in Bed (Video and Pictures)

Folks, to tell this story properly, we’re gonna have to get a wee bit scatalogical. Bear with us.


Long-time readers may know that we’ve struggled a bit, at times, to – how can we put this politely – keep things moving down there. You know: his poops are sometimes rather dry and painful. Not to mention infrequent. Over the months we’ve tried a variety of dietary changes, to varying degrees of success. Well, a few weeks back, after another extended period of less-than-ideal pooping, we went for the nuclear option: Read the rest of this entry »

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Quick Medical Update (Nothing Serious)

It’s becoming abundantly clear that this is how it’s gonna be: an ongoing series of small medical hiccups – slight colds, mild teething-induced fevers, this and that. It’s also clear that, as Nyan Thomas spends his days in nursery, he’s going to bring home all sorts of little bugs and viruses, and – because he has learned to share – he’ll share them with Mommy and Daddy, who will themselves spend this entire fall and winter always feeling like they’re fighting something off. (Of course, they also ride the extremely crowded Central Line tube at rush hour, and people being people, there’s often someone who coughs or sneezes without covering their damn mouth. C’mon, people!)

But I digress. Nyan is fine overall, but the past few days he’s been suffering from a common ailment: Read the rest of this entry »

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Medical Update: All Good

Nyan Thomas had a check-up the other day, which included some more vaccination shots. Daddy had told him that morning that he needed to be brave and not freak out at the needle (project much, Daddy?), and at the Doc’s office, Mommy was hugging him tightly, trying to console him before the needle came out.

But he was fine. Brave, stoic, didn’t even cry out once. He was, in fact, mostly annoyed that Mommy’s hugs were cramping his style – getting in the way of his flirting with the nurses. He was a little fussy and a little feverish and just a bit off for the next couple of days, but this morning he’s back to his old self – gurgling and chirping and playing and kicking and waking up at 5:30. He also rolled all the way onto his side for the first time ever this morning!

Stats from the Doc’s visit:

Weight: 13.9 pounds, 22nd percentile

Length: 25.75 inches, 78th percentile.

(Yes, he’s lean and tall, apparently. That low percentile on the weight is no cause for alarm, the doc says, as he’s healthy and eats plenty. I guess he just inherited his parents’ metabolism.)

Head size: 42.5 cm, 55th percentile.

Cool factor, as shown by the photo below: definitely a 10.

(click on photo to enlarge!)
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Random Musings

Apologies for the dearth of postings of late, folks. Beatrice and I swapped colds/mild flus for a while there, work’s been kicking my arse of late… excuses, excuses. Without further ado, a few random updates:

Coughing and other medical matters

Beatrice has had a cough for a little while now. It’s unfortunately normal for her that after she’s sick, she hangs on to a cough for a few weeks. The other morning, she was changing Nyan at 4 in the morning when she called out to sleeping me, in a voice sharp and worried enough to rouse me from sleep instantly (no small feat, that) and make me bolt upright in bed. “Nyan is coughing!” The fear being, of course, that she had somehow infected him with something or other. I checked him out; he looked fine, and I heard no coughing. So back to bed. Over the next day or so, she heard him cough a couple more times. I never did, and he has seemed 100% healthy, touch wood. So here’s my theory: babies are, of course, sponges, soaking up whatever they see around them. Nyan, I figure, was just mimicking his mommy, giving a little (harmless) cough every now and then. It makes a lot of sense to me, especially since he shows no sign of being ill, and his coughing is very infrequent.

Nyan did have his first unscheduled trip to the doc a couple weeks back when we woke up one morning and found a small boil on his rear end. The doctor was able to squeeze us (okay, Beatrice and Nyan; I had to work) in for an early appointment, and said it was nothing to worry about, though she did prescribe an antibiotic cream just to be sure. It went away within a couple of days, though it came back a few days ago; Nyan saw the doc for a regularly scheduled appointment this morning, and she says there’s no cause for alarm.

Also this morning: second round of vaccinations. Including one for meningitis. It’s crucial to do, of course, but the little guy does not care for the shots. Oh, he’s brave: he’s calm and quiet, cries out briefly when he’s pricked by the needle, but otherwise a perfect gentleman. This afternoon and evening, though, he was clearly feeling it. A little fussy, a little sore, a little unhappy. We gave him lots of cuddles and love, and after a four-hour nap he woke up and played with Daddy for a while in the evening, before crashing out for (we hope) the night. We expect the next couple of days to be rough as the vaccinations work their way through his little body.

Beyond that, touch wood, the boy seems healthy, happy, alert, and bright as ever. He’s now three months old, and 12 and a half pounds, roughly (we have the exact weight, I just don’t have it handy) – getting near to double his birth weight of seven pounds exactly. He’s already outgrown some of his newborn clothes too. I don’t know where he is in terms of percentiles and whatnot, but seems healthy and coming along quite nicely.

Grandma and Grandpa

I hinted at this in an earlier posting, but we had a nice (though brief) visit from Grandma and Grandpa L. a few weeks back. They had driven from Iowa to Virginia for a vacation, and decided to swing by New York on their way home. Only seven hours out of their way… They arrived on Friday afternoon and left late Sunday afternoon. So, too short, but wonderful to see them. Hard to say who enjoyed it more: the doting grandparents or the doted-upon young man. Mom and Dad enjoyed it as well, not just for the company, but also because they graciously agreed to watch Nyan on Saturday night while we went out to dinner together – our first date-esque evening since, well, two days before Nyan was born. Grandma L. is coming back in a few weeks, staying with us for five days or so during the week before Thanksgiving.

Speaking of travel: we’ve booked our holiday travel. Beatrice and Nyan are heading to London and Colchester in early December; I’ll follow a few weeks later, arriving on the red-eye on Christmas morning. I’ll be without them for three weeks, which I know will be very tough. Not looking forward to it one bit, frankly, if I can be selfish. But it’ll make Beatrice very happy to have her parents and brothers and sister and everyone around to help care for Nyan (and to have her mom feed her endless portions of homemade Burmese food!). And Nyan can meet the family members he hasn’t met yet, plus all of Beatrice’s friends. And we’ll have a nice week and a half in the UK once I arrive – mostly in Colchester, including Sharon and Chris’s wedding at New Years, but also some time in London.

Looking forward

On his daily jaunts around the neighborhood, Nyan doesn’t ride in the stroller that much nowadays, but rather is strapped to Mommy in the Baby Bjorn. He wasn’t enjoying facing her chest, so we’ve turned him around so he can see the world, and he seems to be loving the view. Or maybe he just loves the attention: without fail, Beatrice is stopped by any number of random strangers, oohing and aahing over how cute the boy is. The proud parents eat it all up, of course, and Nyan doesn’t seem to mind either.

Swimming and sleeping

Beyond all that, all is well. Nyan is sleeping through the nights fairly well; he’ll usually have a feed around midnight, then around 4ish, then again around 7 or 7:30, when I’m already up. That’s not bad, though we’re going to try to get him to eat a bit more at midnight in hopes of getting him to sleep the whole night through. He’s typically going to sleep around 8 or 9 these days; some days he fights it for a bit, other days he pretty much passes out soon after bathtime. We’ve added a new twist to bathtime too: every now and then, we’ll fill up the tub as if it’s for an adult… and then either mommy or daddy gets in, followed by Nyan. We make sure he’s perfectly safe, of course, but he LOVES it. He splashes, he waves his arms and legs as if he’s swimming, he smiles, just loves every second of it. Is this a sign that he’ll be a strong swimmer? We hope so. Daddy’s looking forward to teaching him to scuba dive.

Otherwise, we’re just enjoying hanging out with him, talking to him, whether in Burmese, English, or baby talk… and yes, the kid is a talker. Especially during the days, he’s babbling nonstop. We figure he thinks he’s actually communicating with us, and wonder what he thinks we’re saying when we make random gurgling noises at him. Other times, we think he seems a little frustrated when he’s babbling and gurgling and yet remains unable to clearly communicate. We recognize most of his cries and what they mean, and have gotten quite good at figuring out when he’s hungry, when he wants a cuddle, when he wants to be left alone, and when he needs a new diaper. Beatrice is especially good at interpreting those signals; I’m not nearly as far along, since I get to spend huge chunks of my days and weeks away from him, chained to an office in Midtown Manhattan. But I’ve got lots of picture of Nyan around my office now (yeah, I’m *that* guy at the office. Got a problem with that?), so even at my lowest, most stressful moments of the day, I can quickly remind myself why I’m working (hey, diapers and baby scuba lessons aren’t cheap!) and, especially, what’s waiting for me when I get home.

All for now. Will try to update this more frequently than I have been. Come back soon!


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