Medical Update: All Good

30 Nov

Nyan Thomas had a check-up the other day, which included some more vaccination shots. Daddy had told him that morning that he needed to be brave and not freak out at the needle (project much, Daddy?), and at the Doc’s office, Mommy was hugging him tightly, trying to console him before the needle came out.

But he was fine. Brave, stoic, didn’t even cry out once. He was, in fact, mostly annoyed that Mommy’s hugs were cramping his style – getting in the way of his flirting with the nurses. He was a little fussy and a little feverish and just a bit off for the next couple of days, but this morning he’s back to his old self – gurgling and chirping and playing and kicking and waking up at 5:30. He also rolled all the way onto his side for the first time ever this morning!

Stats from the Doc’s visit:

Weight: 13.9 pounds, 22nd percentile

Length: 25.75 inches, 78th percentile.

(Yes, he’s lean and tall, apparently. That low percentile on the weight is no cause for alarm, the doc says, as he’s healthy and eats plenty. I guess he just inherited his parents’ metabolism.)

Head size: 42.5 cm, 55th percentile.

Cool factor, as shown by the photo below: definitely a 10.

(click on photo to enlarge!)
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