And they’re off!

04 Dec

Nyan Thomas and Mommy headed to the UK on Saturday evening – his first flight, his first international travel, his first time to see the entire K. family… a big trip! We were of course a bit worried about how he would take to the flight itself – but we needn’t have been. Our boy is nothing if not good, and a good traveler too: Mommy reports that he was a perfect gentleman the entire flight, even during the two-and-a-half hour departure delay! He spent the entire time either sleeping or – natch – flirting with the flight attendants. That’s our boy!

They landed Sunday morning in London and are now safely home sweet home in Colchester, where Beatrice will rest and relax, while Nyan Thomas rests, relaxes, and is spoiled beyond his wildest dreams by the K. grandparents, multiple aunts and uncles, many cousins and friends and well-wishers… And he’ll Skype with Daddy once or twice a day. Yeah, Daddy couldn’t make it – work, you know – but I’ll be flying over there in three weeks’ time for a family reunion.

Not to worry, though, dear reader, we’ll still be updating this blog as regularly as we can! So be sure to check back.

Here are a few pictures from the trip to JFK airport:

Nyan fell asleep during the car ride over, and stayed that way through check-in:

He stayed zonked out while Mommy and Daddy waited outside of security. (Daddy couldn’t get a pass to get through security, so we waited as long as we could before Nyan and Mommy headed through the metal detectors.) Here are Mommy and Daddy with their boy.

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