Fishing with Grandpa

06 Aug

One of Grandpa’s favorite activities is going fishing. We’re pretty sure he’s been planning fishing expeditions with Nyan since the day, four and a half years ago, when we announced we were having a boy. This trip to Iowa, Grandpa finally put those plans into motion, and the pair went fishing on three separate occasions. Nyan caught a fish pretty much the first time he cast his line in the water, and they celebrated with a picnic lunch. (No fish was served at the lunch, however, as the fish was too small and had to be thrown back.)

A couple weeks later they were back at the same place (a small lake at Kent Park, just west of Iowa City) for yet more fishing. They caught bluegill, catfish, maybe a trout? Of course, Nyan informed Daddy that he also caught a salmon and a tuna. Who knew those kinds of ocean fish had found their way to an Iowa pond?

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