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Today’s Videos: Nyan Thomas Does Christmas

We’re back in London, and we returned with lots of pressies for the boy and plenty of photos and video too. Here’s a couple of videos from Christmas Day itself. First up, Nyan Thomas opens a present – check out how bouncily excited he gets!


And here he is a bit later, flipping through one of his many new books. The boy loves his books!

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Photo Shoot

We took the lad to a photo studio at the local shopping mall today for a photo shoot. A few family shots, but mostly just Nyan. Here’s a sampling:

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Bonus Photo: Happy Birthday!

Our young man is a full 17 months old today. Happy birthday, Nyan Thomas!


Nyan celebrates with a birthday drink

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Today’s Video: Piano!

Young Nyan Thomas ticklin’ the ivories (with his cousins Caidyn and Mia)¬†at a family get-together this past weekend:

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Today’s Videos: At the Office

A pair of videos showing the young man sitting at Grandma’s desk, working the computer, moving the mouse, playing with the pen, throwing paper on the floor, making funny faces and just generally being Nyan.

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The Nursery Report

Here’s a holiday treat. Regular readers know how much we love the nursery (daycare) that takes care of Nyan all day every weekday. The women who work there seem to completely adore our boy, and he loves it too. And we love the variety of activities, not to mention the socialization; he’s really advanced in leaps and bounds in the four months he’s been there.

Each day when we pick him up, we get a little piece of paper outlining his activities for the day, what he ate and how he napped, and any significant developmental milestones. Also, the caregivers – led by his key worker, Sophie – take great notes and numerous photos, which they then put into a scrapbook. We got a chance to review it the other day, and borrowed the book for a few days, long enough to scan the pages into JPGs which we now share here. It’s a remarkable document, and for the Nyan Thomas purist among us, it’s a must-read. It start with reports on his first few days of “settling in” at the nursery and continues through late November.

(Click on any photo to make it bigger so’s you can read what it says. Also, depending on your browser, you may also need to increase the Zoom on your browser’s view settings to see it more clearly. What can we say, WordPress has changed how it displays photos. Sorry!)


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Today’s Videos: Music at Dinnertime

We try to make music an important part of Nyan’s life. For instance, during dinnertime on weeknights, we’ll usually have a radio nearby, playing classical music. He seems to enjoy it immensely. Here at Grandma and Grandpa’s, we decided on something similar the other day: Daddy brought out his iPad and played a few music videos at the end of the meal. Here’s a few of our efforts.

First up, we have the Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Does Nyan enjoy it? He was dancing during certain parts, at least:

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