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Today’s photos: Before and After

Anyone who knows Nyan Thomas knows that he doesn’t go down for naps easily – even when he’s clearly exhausted. Sometimes we stick him in the Graco swing and after a few minutes, his eyelids get heavy enough that we can gently move him to his crib.

Here he is this afternoon, just after dozing off in the swing:

And here he is after a refreshing 30-minute nap:

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The Birthday Boy (he’s 10!) and his Horse

Our boy turned 10 months old today, and celebrated by both helping us pack up, and going for a ride on the rocking horse that Uncle Scott made for him. Here’s our boy in all his double-digit glory!

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Mother’s Day (Pics and Video)

We’re a few days late with this one, but: last Sunday was Mommy’s first Mother’s Day, and we celebrated with a delicious dinner at cousin Brian and Hannah’s swank high-rise apartment in Fort Greene. First off, check out those views!

Here’s Daddy and Nyan Thomas:

And Aunt Hannah and Nyan Thomas:

Now to the video. Here’s our boy, waving around a wooden spoon like it’s a light saber:


And here he is getting a piggyback ride and responding by (a) gouging out Daddy’s eyeball, and (b) poking a finger deeper into Daddy’s ear canal.


Here he is with Aunt Hannah again:


And a couple more featuring Brian and Hannah’s cool coffee table. It’s an old rail cart that they found in an antique store. Here, Nyan Thomas examines the decades-old wood and iron fittings:


This is the boy coming face to face with Smudgie, the legendary 15 year old cat. Nyan Thomas, you see, loves to crawl under coffee tables. (Don’t ask us why; he finds amusement in the simple things.) This one had the added bonus of an iron axle that he could slobber onto, and also a mellow creature that he could check out.


Finally, check out the flowers that the young man bought for his Mommy for Mother’s Day. Such a sweetheart!


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Four Generations

A couple of photos taken in April in Iowa: Nyan Thomas, Daddy, Grandpa L. and Nyan’s Great Grandma L. (whose birthday, it so happens, is today!)

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You Can’t Fight Heritage, It Seems

As you may or may not know, your humble blogger was born, raised, and remains a fan of the hapless Chicago Cubs – a professional baseball team that hasn’t done much of anything, besides lose, in more than 100 years. Literally. Being a Cubs fan was never forced on me, it’s just something you pick up – from drinking the water, perhaps, or from watching WGN – when you grow up a couple of hours from Chicago.

While the Cubs’ stadium, Wrigley Field, is a lovely place, being a Cubs fan is little more than a curse. Lord knows I’ve tried to break it, but alas, I remain a Cubs fan.

I was hoping that our boy could avoid that fate. He was born in New York, after all – and you could actually see Yankee Stadium from the room! Not that I’d want him to be a Yankee fan, but still. He’s not been raised in Chicago, he’s never been to Wrigley Field, he’s never even seen a moment of Cubs baseball on the tellie.

Alas: one well-meaning uncle comes along and gives him a Cubs onesie. Nyan loves it. Game over, I suppose. C’est la vie.

Go Cubs.


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Nyan Thomas through the Months

The latest in our series of Nyan Thomas and his momma on a (somewhat) monthly basis.

(click to enlarge)

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Today’s video: tickle

Nothing fancy here, just a giggling baby and his momma:

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